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Wrong Lot Type for Residential Lots


This bug was fixed.


In my existing save a lot of residential lots show as incomplete commercial lots. I can play the family anyways.


Patch 1.52.100 shows lots who’s lot type has been changed from commercial to residential in the past in the original lot type. This seems to only be a display error on the map.


You can fix the lots with a few easy steps but you need to do it for each faulty lot.


Create a backup of your save in case anything goes wrong.

Go to map view and click on the faulty lot

Click on the three dots in the lower right corner and choose Sell business.

The money shown in the message will be added to your money. Use the Money cheat to remove that again.

Click on the lot again and choose buy mode in the lower right corner.

Change the lot type from residential to something else and then back to residential.

Go back to Manage World

he lot should now show correctly again.

Repeat for each faulty lot.