Technical Issues

Save Games disappearing


  1. All my advance is gone after starting the game. It’s like I never played
  2. I don’t have a new/load button although I’ve played before and should have an existing save.


  1. The most common cause for this issue is that the game reads a different folder than the one in documents, like for example one in a cloud like oneDrive. Another reason could be that the folder in documents was moved by accident.
  2. Patch 1.27 changed the main menu and there seem to be some issues with it. I was able to reproduce it but only if I start a new game, create a Sim and then quit the game before moving him into a lot. After reloading, both buttons are gone. They are probably other causes though.


Backup your files in documents\electronicarts\thesims4\saves after each play session.  

About 1

Cloud saving has the advantage that you can use your save game from different computers but the disadvantage that you won’t find your save if you’re not online. The decision to use it is yours but make sure you know WHERE they are. If the game newly started to use the folder on your oneDrive and you want to keep that, you can simply move the files from your local documents folder to the cloud one and they should start to show up again the next time you start your game.

If you don’t want to use the cloud, you need to tell the game to not use the cloud. Unfortunately for oneDrive, it’s only possible to do it for the whole documents folder.. Steps to turn off oneDrive can be found here: Turn off or uninstall OneDrive

If you don’t use a cloud and your saves are gone anyways, try searching your computer for Sims 4 to see if there’s any other documents folder. If there is, just copy the files back to documents\electronicarts\the Sims 4\saves and the game will recognized them again.

Also make sure that the saves aren’t located in further sub folders as the game won’t recognize those. The saves need to be named like this: bzw. x is a hexadecimal number (0-9 and a-f) and Y a number between 0-4 (5 Backups).

Tips to find out which folder the game is using can be found here: How to find your user folder.

For Mac users find instructions here: Sims 3 and Sims 4 not loading save games.

About 2

Follow these steps to get your old saves and the load/new buttons back:

  • Close the game
  • Go to this folder: documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves and make sure that your old saves are still there. If not, follow the steps above.
  • Make a copy of the folder to a safe place (flash drive, external hard drive, a different place on your hard drive, …)
  • Start the game
  • Click on the big Play button
  • If you’re taken to CAS, create a random Sim and place him into a house
  • If you’re taken to the map, place the Sim into a house
  • Close the game (it’s not important if you save or not but make sure you don’t overwrite your old saves if you do save)
  • Start the game. The buttons should be back
  • Klick on Load and a list of your all your saves should appear. Load the one you want to play. You can delete the new one.
  • After that you should be good to go and all should be back to normal.

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