• Tuning Mods

    Food Delivery Fix

    This mod fixes the issue that the food delivery arrives empty handed and doesn't give you food as well as the issue where the pizza delivery person is stuck after delivering the pizza.

  • Script Mods

    Fix Likes/Dislikes NPC Popup

    This mod fixes the issue where you get constant pop-ups for likes/dislikes for your NPCs. The mod was created by Basemental. I have his permission to re-upload the mod since the mod is currently not easy to come by. The mod doesn’t need to be in the game permanently but you remove the faulty pop-ups with a cheat. More details can be found here. Instructions Copy the mod to your mods folder and make sure script mods are enabled. Open the cheat console and type: basemental.fix_likesdislikes Save your game Remove the mod.

  • Family Portrait

    Official family portrait that was available if you connected your Sims 4 game to Sims Mobile, liberated as CC.