• Script Mods

    Missing Moodlets Fix

    Fixes the issue where moodlets disappear when you reload the game.

  • Tuning Mods


    This mod fixes the crash that occurs when a stack of certain items are in your inventory. These are stacks that have a special stack icon.

  • Tools


    Removes the malware that was hidden in certain mods.

  • Script Mods

    ModGuard: Mod Malware Protection

    This mod blocks malicious software from installing on your system, tracks the mod file that tries to download it and notifies you and the modder team about the threat.

  • Tuning Mods

    Get Famous NPC Generation Fix

    Update This mod is no longer needed This mod fixes the issue that no staff is generated for restaurants, cafes, bars and similar. This mod also fixes Error 109:e56fc6bb.

  • Tuning Mods

    Chef entering Restaurant Fix

    Fixes the bug where the chef stands in front of the restaurant forever and a day without entering.

  • Script Mods

    XML Injector Mod

    Mod library that allows mod that would normally need scripting (Script Mods) to be created as custom snippet.