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World appears twice on World Map


Some worlds are listed twice on the world map. The NPCs that come with that pack were also duplicated and appear twice in the household manager.


This bug has two possible causes

  • Especially Moonwood Mill appears double since Patch 1.89.214 but other wolds that were installed after the patch are also affected. The exact cause is unknown but it possibly has to do with starting the game while the pack is still installing. Always make sure you completely install any packs before starting the game.
  • Mods: Certain mods allow you to have extra worlds. It’s possible that these can give troubles if you don’t keep them updated.


The following method has the disadvantage that all clothing/objects/.. of the affected pack will be lost on that particular save game. I don’t know of any other method to get the world working again though.

If the method below doesn’t help, repair your game as well.

If you have a backup from before you installed the pack, you can also try if that one is still ok. Do repair your game before attempting to load that and make sure you keep an extra copy. I don’t have any data if that works though.


Create a backup of your save game in case something goes wrong

Load the save game and load all your homes/families that use something of the affected pack to your library or make a list what you need to add back later. Premade families and houses are removed from the pack when you disable/uninstall and placed back in their original form afterwards. If you changed something about them, you’ll need to save those as well.

Disable or uninstall the pack to which the faulty world belongs.

Load the save game through Load Game. You will receive an error message that packs are missing for that save. Ignore the message.

The world will be grayed out.

Save the game with Save As and give it a new name. This will remove all content of the pack from your save game. It should be fine to save from the the world but if that doesn’t work, load a family in the base game worlds and save there.

Close the game

Activate/Install the pack again (remove the line in EA app)

Load the save game that you have saved without the pack before.

You should now have only one world and the NPCs duplicates are also gone. Any changes made to the world are lost though.

You can now either replace all your houses/Sims from the library (Attention: This will strip all Sims from relationships they had with Sims outside of their household) or add the objects/clothing back manually. You will need also need to re-establish any occult statuses

Once you’re happy with the result, you can delete all backups you made.

If you are using any mods that allow you to have extra worlds, please contact the creator.

Last Updated: December 11, 2023