What is a backup ?

A backup is a copy of your folders and files to an external drive, an different place on your computer, a flash drive or a DVD. Backups are used to go back to an older state if the existing one is not working or your computer is failing.


When should I backup my files ?

  • Before reinstalling your game
  • Before moving everything to a new Computer
  • Before installing a patch or a Expansion/Stuff Pack
  • Before trying out new Custom Content or Mods
  • Save games should be backed up after ever game play. It’s good to save your games in circles of about 5 games and save under a different name before big events like getting married or moving.


What Sims 4 Files should I backup ?

Backup all files in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4. That should include everything you need.

The following folders/files are most important.

  • Saves –> Your save games.
  • Tray –> The households/houses/rooms in your library
  • Mods –> Package-files (Mods, clothing, object, …), which you copied in here yourself.
  • Screenshots –> Your screen shots.
  • Custom Music –> Custom music if you have any.
  • Options.ini –> So you don’t have to re-set your options each time.

Further info on this folder and files can be found here: User files explained.


How do I restore a Backup ?

In most cases it’s enough to simply overwrite the new data with the backup to recover your old status. Sometimes it’s better not to overwrite everything or the new files might still be useful somehow.

Because of this, it’s best to rename the new folder to Sims 4_broken and then copy the complete old folder back into documents. Afterwards you can individually put the files back you want to keep.

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