• Error

    Endless Update Looping

    Problem Origin tells me I should be updating my game. After updating, it tells me again to update although I just did that .. this loop is endless. Cause Unclear. Probably some new issue with Origin. The issue crops up with every patch now. Find a few suggestion on how…

  • Error

    Game/Time is freezing (Patch 1.68)

    EA is aware of the issue and working on it Problem My game suddenly completely freezes and I can’t do anything. After a while it even crashes. The animations go on. Cause There are several causes for this issue Father Winter doesn’t appear at Winterfest/ Endless Generation of Father Winter…

  • Error

    Screenshots not saving/ Can’t activate Mods/CC

    Problem I can’t make any screenshots or videos anymore I can’t reactive Mods/CC although I’ve turned them back on My gameversion.txt file shows the wrong game version. The gallery only shows red Xs Cause Avast and AVG seem to be blocking the Sims 4 user folder since Patch 1.67.45/ 1.32…

  • Error

    Unclickable screen areas/ Mouse cursor doesn’t change

    Problem Certain areas in my game don’t react anymore. For example I can’t load an existing game or changes in CAS are not possible anymore The mouse cursor in my game stays a windows cursor and doesn’t change to a Sims cursor Der Mauszeiger in meinem Spiel bleibt ein Windows-Zeiger…

  • Error

    Gallery Newsfeed stays empty

    Problem There are no entries in my gallery newsfeed when I choose the tab News in the gallery. The List stays empty. I also get a LastUIException. Cause Unclear, probably some kind of caching error. Solution Close the game Navigate to your windows documents folder (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4) Delete…

  • Fixed Tech Issue

    [FIXED] Save Error 510:5bd7fa0b

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.59.73 Problem I get the following error message: The game failed to save. Error Code: 510:5bd7fa0b:6bbefe1d Cause Unclear. Solution It does seem to work if you go to manage world and save there. I don’t have the issue and wasn’t able to verify that…

  • Error

    White/Red/Black Checkered Sims with Question Marks/ Missing Textures

    Problem My Sims look awful. They are white/red or black/white checkered and full of question marks Sims in CAS are invisible/ Empty CAS CAS shows a Night Sky After Loading the neighborhood there’s missing textures everywhere. I see question marks instead. Cause Especially the first issue used to be mostly…

  • Bad CC

    [CC BEDS] Error Code: 102:20ece5dd

    Problem When trying to load a certain household I get the following error message: The game failed to load. Error Code: 102:20ece5dd:2d42e9e1. It is recommended that you relaunch the game. Cause The Cause for this error seem to be (pre-patch) CC beds. You can run into errors, especially if you use…

  • Error

    Base Game Worlds have disappeared

    Problem I can’t find any of the base game worlds in my game Cause The issue usually occurs after a patch. It seems that the installation of the patch didn’t run smoothly and left the game in an incomplete state. Solution Repair the game via Origin