Technical Issues

White/Red/Black Checkered Sims with Question Marks/ Missing Textures


  • My Sims look awful. They are white/red or black/white checkered and full of question marks
  • Sims in CAS are invisible/ Empty CAS
  • CAS shows a Night Sky
  • After Loading the neighborhood there’s missing textures everywhere. I see question marks instead.


  • Especially the first issue used to be mostly caused by outdated custom content but more players without mods/cc also have this issue, especially after a patch.
  • The patch probably didn’t download/install properly which leads to missing clothing and object textures. Those are then replaced by default ones.
  • Certain Mods/CC need Uncompressed Sims Textures enabled


More solutions

If repairing your game doesn’t work, you can try also try the following.

Further Reading

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