Bad CC
Incompatible Mods

Deleted Households/ Blue flashing Rectangles


I can’t load my families anymore. Instead of the preview picture on the map, I just see a flashing blue rectangle and when I click play, nothing happens.

When I first loaded the family, I got an error code.

Partly, the previews are replaced with portraits of random other families in my game.

When I try to edit these families in CAS through the household manager, a random new Sim is generated.


This issue occurs if you load and save your game with a incompatible mod. Certain mods can, if they’re outdated, cause Error Codes.

Depending on the mod, all Sims are deleted from the households and only the shell of the household remains which can’t be loaded.


It’s very import, to NOT save your game once you are in this state. If you get an error code, close your game immediately without saving and check all your mods if they’re still compatible with your current patch level.

If you saved in this state, all that it’s left to do is load a backup. The save game is permanently bugged as the Sims have been physically deleted from your game. You can delete that save.

It’s possible to save all your houses to the gallery by loading build/buy mode from the map and upload the house to the gallery. You can also delete all corrupt families and place new ones but I don’t recommend that as you don’t know what other faulty info was saved on your game.

Mods that are known to cause this

This issue is caused by outdated Versions of mods so always make sure you run your game with the version that matches your patch level.

  • Meaningful Stories (outdated version, make sure you only run the game with the mod updated to your patch level). Gives Error Code 102:592464.
  • Several Adult mods
  • SNB Bills
  • Mods that edit career salaries, like Career Salary reduced – 50% or noextramoneyonpromotion_v2 by Bienchen
  • icemunmun custom food interactions and it’s additional packs (harvestables and recipes)
  • Custom Traits which have ts4script files

How to Prevent

  • Always make a backup before patching
  • Turn off automatic updates in Origin so you have time to remove incompatible mods/CC and make a backup.
  • Never load your saves with an incompatible mod
  • If you get an error code, leave the game without saving.