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    [MOD RELATED] Deleted Households/ Blue flashing Rectangles

    Problem I can’t load my families anymore. Instead of the preview picture on the map, I just see a flashing blue rectangle and when I click play, nothing happens. When I first loaded the family, I got an error code. Partly, the previews are replaced with portraits of random other families in my game. When I try to edit these families in CAS through the household manager, a random new Sim is generated. Cause This issue occurs if you load and save your game with a incompatible mod. Certain mods can, if they’re outdated, cause Error Codes. Depending on the…

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    Uploaded Content does not appear in gallery

    Problem I uploaded a lot/ a Sim to the gallery but even after a few hours it does not show up there Cause The most common cause for this is that the gallery filters out lots and households that contain custom content. The gallery has a mechanism that checks if your upload as custom content and then marks your upload as such. Sometimes stuff without custom content is categorized as containing custom content. For example are pictures of custom content are also classified as custom content. Photos and paintings that were painted by reference also often wrongly count as custom content.…

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    By Design

    Disappearing Sims

    Sims disappear from the game through culling. This is a game mechanism that prevents large save games. The bug part of this was fixed.