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    [MOD RELATED] Deleted Households/ Blue flashing Rectangles

    Problem I can’t load my families anymore. Instead of the preview picture on the map, I just see a flashing blue rectangle and when I click play, nothing happens. When I first loaded the family, I got an error code. Partly, the previews are replaced with portraits of random other families in my game. When I try to edit these families in CAS through the household manager, a random new Sim is generated. Cause This issue occurs if you load and save your game with a incompatible mod. Certain mods can, if they’re outdated, cause Error Codes. Depending on the…

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    [FIXED] Chairs/ Items on Counter Tops disappear from Apartments

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.41.42 There are several other issues where furniture disappears. Furniture disappears on placing in the house or after travelling. Neighborhood Action Plans: Sims obsessed with doing specific interactions over and over Issue When I load my household, all chairs and items I had on my counter are gone. They cannot be found in the household inventory either Cause Bit unclear at the moment but it seems to happen in apartments and is triggered by switching/visiting another apartment in the same building. Any form of loading a different apartment then the one your playing, seems…

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    Pet Bowl disappears

    Problem Each time I travel and get back to my lot, all my pet bowls are gone My pet bowls just disappear without reason Cause The maid/nanny/butler likes to throw them out. Good help is so hard to come by these days. The bowls are taken by kleptomaniac Sims/Ghosts or by Stans Unknown cause Solution Don’t hire anyone to help in the house. Buy a new bowl each time AHQ Thread Please click me too on this thread if you’re affected by the issue Pet food bowls disappear

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    [MOD RELATED] All male Sims have gone missing

    Problem All my male Sims have gone missing from my game Cause There’s a handful of adult mods causing this issue. There could be others Solution Remove the mods and delete your cache files If you saved your game with your male Sims gone, load a backup. If the male Sims still aren’t back after these steps, reset your user folder following these Steps: Resetting the game to factory settings without reinstalling

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    By Design

    Disappearing Sims

    Sims disappear from the game through culling. This is a game mechanism that prevents large save games. The bug part of this was fixed.