• Tuning Mods

    Chef entering Restaurant Fix

    Fixes the bug where the chef stands in front of the restaurant forever and a day without entering.

  • petanxiousbufffix

    A fix for the bug that pets that ate the wellness-treat or got a preventative shot get an anxious moodlet over and over agein. Pets that already show that bug can be cured by another wellness-treat or a preventative shot. Wellness-Treats and prevantative shots will also be more effectvie.

  • Tuning Mods

    CC Wrench Override

    Hides the CC wrench icons in CAS, build mode and the gallery.

  • Tuning Mods

    Highschool Promote Fix

    Helps with the issue that Teens aren't getting better grades when you go to High School with them.

  • Tuning Mods

    Livestream For Everyone

    Alows everyone to use the livestream interaction even if they are not in level 5 in the social media career.