• Tuning Mods


    This mod fixes the crash that occurs when a stack of certain items are in your inventory. These are stacks that have a special stack icon.

  • Tuning Mods

    Get Famous NPC Generation Fix

    Update This mod is no longer needed This mod fixes the issue that no staff is generated for restaurants, cafes, bars and similar. This mod also fixes Error 109:e56fc6bb.

  • Tuning Mods

    Chef entering Restaurant Fix

    Fixes the bug where the chef stands in front of the restaurant forever and a day without entering.

  • petanxiousbufffix

    A fix for the bug that pets that ate the wellness-treat or got a preventative shot get an anxious moodlet over and over agein. Pets that already show that bug can be cured by another wellness-treat or a preventative shot. Wellness-Treats and prevantative shots will also be more effectvie.

  • Tuning Mods

    CC Wrench Override

    Hides the CC wrench icons in CAS, build mode and the gallery.

  • Tuning Mods

    Highschool Promote Fix

    Helps with the issue that Teens aren't getting better grades when you go to High School with them.