Disable Single Packs


There’s a few scenarios in which it would be useful to be able to disable certain packs from certain save games.

  • Your computer can’t handle all packs but you like them all and want to at least play with some of them but not always the same ones.
  • Certain packs like the Vampire pack bring features you don’t want in all of your save games.

Unfortunately with Origin, it’s rather difficult to uninstall certain packs cause Origin likes to just reinstall whatever you have uninstalled next chance it gets.

There is a however a way to disable certain packs. It’s not exactly a very convenient way but better than nothing.

Be aware that you do this at your own risk as this way is not actively supported by EA/Maxis. Always keep a backup of your saves. I would recommend when playing a particular save to not disable any packs that the game has previously been saved with.

How To

  1. Open Origin
  2. Go to My Game Library and right click on Sims 4
  3. Choose Game Properties
  4. Choose the tab Advanced Launch Options
  5. In the Command Line Arguments, type the following -disablepacks:pack,pack,pack,pack… (example: -disablepacks:GP01,SP03)
  6. Start the game
  7. You can now play the game as if the pack was not installed.

A convenient way to get the correct string to enter is to use James Turner’s Web Tool. Simply de-select the packs you want to disable and then copy the string the tool gives you to Origin.

Things you need to be aware of

  1. Origin is not affected by this. You will still see all your packs as owned
  2. The Your Collection in the Main Menu of the game is not affected by this. You will still see all your packs owned.
  3. You will get a message saying Pack download in progress. You can safely ignore this message. It doesn’t do anything.
  4. If you load a save game that was saved with a pack no longer present, you will get a Items Removed dialog or even an Game Data Incomplete message as the game strips the save of all content no longer present in your game. This may lead to undesired effects.
  5. Find a way to make sure you know which save needs which packs so you can disable the right ones before loading a certain save.
  6. Downloading Households/Lots from the gallery that need content that is currently disabled in your game will lead to replacement/removal of said content.
  7. The packs are numbered by release order. EP = Expansion Pack, GP = Game Pack, SP = Stuff Pack, FP = Free Pack (the holiday pack). So EP01 would be Get To Work and GP04 would be the Vampire Pack and so on.
Complete List of Packs

Expansion Packs

  • 03/31/2015: EP01 - Get To Work
    * Runs with Legacy Edition
  • 12/08/2015: EP02 - Get Together
    * Runs with Legacy Edition
  • 11/01/2016: EP03 - City Living
    * Runs with Legacy Edition
  • 11/10/2017: EP04 - Cats & Dogs
    ** Not supported for Legacy Edition
  • 06/22/2018: EP05 - Seasons
    ** Not supported for Legacy Edition
  • 11/16/2018: EP06 - Get Famous
    ** Not supported for Legacy Edition
  • 06/21/2019: EP07 - Island Living
    ** Not supported for Legacy Edition
  • 11/15/2019: EP08 - Discover University
    *** Doesn't run with Legacy Edition
  • 06/05/2020: EP09 - Eco Lifestyle
    *** Doesn't run with Legacy Edition
  • 11/13/2020: EP10 - Snowy Escape
    *** Doesn't run with Legacy Edition

Game Packs

Stuff Packs


Extra Content