Patch 1.28.25

Your mods will be automatically disabled.
Please do make sure they are redeemed safe by the creator before enabling mods again and backup your save games.
Please also read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching

Today’s patch has quite a few fixes but it’s main purposes is to prepare the game for the Bowling-Stuff pack that’s coming out on March 29th 2017.

There’s still a few very prominent bugs that haven’t been fixed such as the Sims can’t propose or the Dine Out bug that causes all meals to be normal or poor quality, despite the cooking level of the chef.

NPCs will no longer accumulate instruments in their inventory and the woodworking table obsession has been tuned down. When cooking group meals, Sims will no longer put one portion in their inventory and will sit down to watch TV again. In CAS, pressing the undo button will no longer make the game loose the camera settings.

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

Happy March Simmers!

We have a short update here, as we step onto the approach. We’ve picked our ball from the rack, and we’ll try not to hook into a split.

So, without spending too much time on this frame, let’s address the lane…

  • Babies born to parents whose last name includes an apostrophe, will also have an apostrophe in their last name.
  • Hovering over the name field in Create a Sim will once again cause the cursor to change to a ‘Cursor and Pencil’ cursor.
    • Which should clarify the expected action of an “enter name here” field…
      • …where you could use a pencil to enter your name.
        • Please, don’t draw on your monitor.
  • Non-active Sims with violin and guitar skill will no longer silently horde violins and guitars in their inventories.
    • So, we need you to play at this event, do you have your own instrument?
    • No
    • Ok then, we’ve had a few of our violins go missing recently, so if you could just make sure to return this when your shift is over, that’d be great.
    • No
    • Ok then, I’ll just put this violin in your pocket. Are you comfortable with the violin?
    • No
    • Ok, then, why don’t you take this guitar too, just in case. Soooo, I guess that’ll be all.
  • We’ve made improvements to Sim interaction selection.
    • Klepto Sims interaction test to swipe something was being tested for, even when there were no klepto Sims present, increasing the time it took for Sims to decide on actions to take.
  • Sims will no longer woodwork to the exclusion of all else.
  • Teens are now allowed to move out on their own from the Household Management screen.
    • Also, they are allowed to move back in.
      • However, their room was probably converted into a spa, or something…
        • Their parents have taken on a new roommate named Barney…
          • And they make you pay rent.
            • Just stay away, it’s better.
  • The lighting created by the combination of curtains and windows will no longer change upon reload.
  • The ymMakeupEyebrows_Unibrow will now save upon exiting Create a Sim.
  • Taking a cutting from a wild plant will once again identify the plant from which it was taken.
  • We have addressed an issue that could cause adults to take a serving from a group meal and just place it in their inventory. They should now, if hungry, take a serving, and eat it.
  • The Chomper the Devourer toybox will now properly be searched for when using the color filters in Build Mode.
  • Sims are once again sitting to watch TV.
    • Alignment over a clear goal was brought to the table, in a face time generation of a sustainable proactive win-win spin-up of the problem. A holistic outside of the box approach was what ultimately brought our synergy to a proper wellness level, and allowed us to break through the clutter for an end of the day exit strategy to this issue.
  • Sims were incorrectly being allowed to choose a primary aspiration upon age up from teen to young adult, which would result in two bonus traits. This option has been removed.
  • The Starbroker styled look can once again be found for teens when the feminine filter is on.
    • It had accidentally been untagged, which caused it to only appear when no filters were selected.
  • And along the same lines the ymHair_EP01LowBun can also once again be found under the masculine filter… it too had been incorrectly unhooked and left in limbo.
    • Asset Limbo….
      • Ooooooh oooh.
        • Ooooooh oh yea.
          • Asset Limbo.
            • Yep, I’m currently working on the chorus. I’m thinking platinum this time next year.
  • The Let There Be Light and The Let There Be More Light windows now have matching frames under any light.
    • No matter whether it be little, more, little more, or more than a little light, the Let There Be windows are letting light be light.
  • Undo in Create a Sim will no longer change the camera setting.
  • Switching phone covers will now remember their settings between loads of the game.
  • We have addressed an issue with emotional aura’s incorrectly putting children into a flirty emotion. Children should never enter the flirty emotion.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause a child Sim aged up from a toddler to be unable to use stairs.
  • Giving a toddler a bath should no longer become impossible when a baby is added to the household.
    • Because even if you understand how the code is put together, this makes no sense.
      • Also, we have preemptively prevented Sims from spontaneously combusting after storing a salad in the refrigerator while the stereo is playing pop.
    • puHair_Medwavy (aka the big curly hair) toddler hair will now maintain the chosen color regardless of outfit chosen.
      • Red hair please.
      • You got it, want brown hair on that toddler?
      • Thank you, red hair will be fine.
      • Brown hair coming up.
      • Red yes, brown no.
      • Hold the red.
      • No, I want the red.
      • Brown it is.
      • Brown me no “likes”
      • Red out.
      • Red in.
      • Ah, come on, make up your mind!
      • Okay, okay on second thought…. make my toddler bald.
  • Toddler socks can now be found in formal wear.
    • There was some debate that resulted in a survey of a handful of toddlers, and their thoughts on formal attire. Results varied, as you would expect, but with proper skewing we found that more toddlers preferred to keep their feet covered, than those that desired an open toe approach.
      • And while this doesn’t preclude the open toe option for those with the proclivity to free the digits, it does make one wonder why we keep a handful of toddlers around the office for just these sorts of things.
  • Fixed some highlight issues in Create a Sim that resulted in graphical issues when hovering over the feet of some Sims.
  • Fixed an issue in Create a Sim that would cause the filter display to become corrupted if enough filters were chosen such that the … (dot dot dot) replacement display was needed.
    • This issue should no longer occur. (dot)
  • Fixed a seam that could appear on the back of a Sims head when wearing cuHair_SP06StraightSide hairstyle.
    • Though some have speculated on the possibility of the seam being an Edgar suit, it should be pointed at that beyond the seam, there was a clear lack of droopy cheek, wrinkle neck, and glassy eye.
      • Any desire a Sim may express for sugar in water is purely coincidental.
  • Lot trait skill icons will no longer appear in the photos of Sims.
    • Or photos of nature… landscapes, architectural concept pieces, butterflies, flies, dragonflies, bats, leaves, fish jumping, or similar.
      • Or just photos.
        • Yea, I guess I could have just said photos.

Perfect Patio Stuff

  • As you can see in this image, there is an odd seam on the surface of the Wickish Ottoman Empire ottoman. We have corrected this seam, and it should now appear correctly for all design modes.
    • If you are unable to view the issue in the image, then you aren’t looking where I’m pointing.

Movie Hangout Stuff

  • We have fixed an issue that could cause Sims to cancel the cuddle action unexpectedly while watching a movie together.
  • Grab a serving now appears on full popcorn poppers and not empty ones.
    • Ah, a classic equal not equal variable switch, am I right?

Backyard Stuff

  • White Picket Gates placed upon White Picket Fences will no longer appear overly bright when a light source is place nearby, instead they will light as expected.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

  • Lisa’s Resplendent Receptacle, aka a dining chair, will no longer leave behind its shadow when a Sim scoots in or out of the chair.
    • This is how it all starts, shadow separation disorder. Then it’s on to parental disgruntlement, and BOOM next thing you know pirates, lost boys, pixie dust… all of it is just one big flight to the dark side.

[*] A small new snuck it’s way, as teens are apt to do – you can now assign Teen Hangout trait to your lot.

  • Create a popular hangout at the ol’ bowling alley, the shops, or just an abandoned home…
    • It’s like teen catnip.

As always, stay outta the gutter, catch the spare, strike into a turkey, and keep the lofting low,


Last Updated: January 27, 2023