• Graphics Issue

    Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware

    Problem I get the following error message: Application TS4_x64.exe (or TS4.exe) has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware. Especially big dogs look pixalated or the screen stays white. I can then only quit the game via task manager. The game can also crash when I create a big dog in CAS. Cause The issue has two causes There’s an issue with your graphics drivers Your computer doesn’t fulfill the minimum requirements of the game. Solution Reinstall your graphics drivers. Best thing to do is to uninstall the old ones and redownload them. Depending on your card, there might be tools…

  • Bug
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    [MAC] Gray and opaque windows

    Problem Windows appear gray and opaque. Cause Affected by this seem to be Macs with an Intel Chip (all variations) if laptop mode is enabled. Solution Turn off laptop mode. This will most probably affect performance so you may need to lower your graphics settings. It’s also a good idea to update to the newest MacOS version available.

  • Graphics Issue

    Weird red/blue outlines

    Problem My graphics looks all weird. I looks shifted and everything is duplicated in blue and red. Looks like you need to watch it with 3D glasses Cause This happens if you have Stereoscopic 3D enabled for your graphics card. You could play the game with 3D-glasses if you like. Solution Turn off Stereoscopic 3D function or wear 3D-Glasses. I do not know where those settings are for AMD cards Nvidia Right-click on your desktop and choose NVIDIA  Control Panel Choose Set Up Stereoscopic 3D. Uncheck Enable Stereoscopic 3D. Further Reading Limit FPS

  • Graphics Issue

    Blurry Graphics

    Problem Everything is all blurry in live and build/buy mode Solution Start the game Click on the three dots in the upper right corner Go to graphics options and turn off  Post Processing effects. If that doesn’t help, you can lower your options and turn on Laptop mode.

  • Bug Fixed
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    [FIXED] Distorted Babies

    Problem My Sims babies look all distorted and weird Cause Unclear at this point but it might be related to games running on below-specs graphic chips. EA has now identified the cause of this bug and is working on a fix (source) Solution If you have an Intel Chip with 0 MB, 32 MB or 64 MB dedicated RAM, you’re not fulfilling the minimum requirements of this game. If you have both an Intel Chip and a graphics card, make sure your game is running on the card and not the chip. If you are on a laptop, try putting…