What is this blog for ?

When I started out helping in Sims 3 forums, it started to become repetitive pretty soon. The answers were always the same and had to be typed each time. This is when I started to collect solutions and started my first blog in November 2009 on blogspot.

This blog is about Help with Sims 4. I’m mostly posting about patches and wide-spread technical issues. Differently from the Sims 3 blog, you will only find me posting about few bugs here. This has two reasons

  • EA now has a Bug Forum at EA Answers HQ which I’m actively maintaining. You find most bugs and solutions listed there. I will only blog about big issues or long-standing ones that have workarounds
  • With Sims 4 we have gotten monthly patches and a lot of bugs posted are getting fixed (which wasn’t the case for Sims 3). It would need a lot of updating to keep up.

Whenever I get a chance to go to an event like Gamescom, I will of course also continue to make reports for those. You can find those in my Gaming World Blog.

You won’t find any instructions concerning game play itself, there are so many resource for those out there, I can’t count them.

This blog is meant as reference work and I cannot provide individual help here. Because of this, comments are disabled. If you need to contact me concerning anything related to this blog, please contact me via Email.

To find your way around, please read my FAQ. Links to the most important external resources can be found here: Link-List.