• Script Mods

    Trendi Band-aid

    Helps with Save Error 532 and finding the Custom Content that causes it.

  • Tuning Mods

    Sim Retirement Bug Fix

    Fixes the bug that Sims can't retire that occurred after Patch 1.90.358

  • Script Mods

    Fix Likes/Dislikes NPC Popup

    This mod fixes the issue where you get constant pop-ups for likes/dislikes for your NPCs. The mod was created by Basemental. I have his permission to re-upload the mod since the mod is currently not easy to come by. The mod doesn’t need to be in the game permanently but you remove the faulty pop-ups with a cheat. More details can be found here. Instructions Copy the mod to your mods folder and make sure script mods are enabled. Open the cheat console and type: basemental.fix_likesdislikes Save your game Remove the mod.

  • Script Mods

    UI Cheats Extension

    Allows Cheats directly in the UI instead of having to type a command.

  • Script Mods


    Allows you to place and delete Objects off-lot

  • Script Mods

    Show/Search Sim Info Mod

    Information about your Sims and helps finding certain Sims in your world.