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[FIXED] Bills stuck in Inventory


This bug has been fixed in August 2015


I have bills stuck in my inventory that I can’t get rid of or pay. The consequences are dire cause I have no more water and electricity.


This might be caused by going traveling with bills in your inventory. They seem to not be payable when you’re not on your home lot but should go back to normal once you are


  • Move in another Sim. They should have the option to pay the bill on the phone/mailbox/computer
  • Try traveling a few times to see if they unstuck
  • Use the cheat households.force_bills_due (put testingcheats true first) to force new bills

How to prevent

Don’t get bills out of your mailbox. Pay them right away from your Computer, phone or mailbox. If you don’t have enough money to pay them yet, leave them in the mail box

Info Request

Please post in [Common] Bills can’t be paid if you have anything to add or hit the Me Too Button if you have the issue to show how widespread it is (you have to be logged in with your Origin account to do that)

NikkiWaters, CreamCee

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