Can’t change lot type

There are a few lots that are special venues and the game doesn’t allow to change them. This is by design.

  • Windenburg: The ruins, the Von Haunt Estate and the bluffs.
  • San Myshuno: Myshuno Meadows
  • Mt. Komorebi: Onsen (This is a bit special as it’s not marked as special lot but Onsen is the only lot type you can choose)

Residential lots that have Sims living in them suddenly become rental lots (or rental lot – ). Because of this, the family can’t be played. Since the lot is in a faulty state you can also not rent the lot nor change it’s type. The lot is unusable. –> Instructions how to fix your lot type

For more details see: Residential lot changes into rental lot that can’t be changed

The lot type is stuck on generic and cant’ be changed with the error ‘Disabled for special venues’. It’s also impossible to buy something in build mode –> Instructions how to fix your lot

For more details see: Lot changes into generic lot that can’t be changed

For more details see: Wrong Lot Type for Residential Lots

I don’t have a solution for this. Best to contact the creator of the mod if you have issues with a custom lot type.