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[FIXED] Can’t change lot type


  1. My lot has the type generic and I can’t change it. I get the error: Disabled for Special Venues,ErrorLot
  2. I can’t buy anything. Although I have enough money, buy mode tells me I have insufficient funds. I also get displayed the business funds.
    07-25-16_11-06-12 AM


  • There’s a few lots in Windenburg that are special venues and hence can’t be changed. Those are: The ruins, the Von Haunt Estate and the bluffs. This is by design.
  • There’s a bug that turns other lots into special venues. I don’t know what triggers it though. The cause of this has been fixed but there’s still lots on the gallery that can trigger this. Please use the workaround below to fix it.


You will either need Get to Work or Dine Out for this fix to work.

  1. Start your game and load any family
  2. If a family lives on the affected lot, move the family out (sell furniture)
  3. Travel with at least one Sim to that lot
  4. Write down how much money your family has.
  5. Buy the lot as either retail or as a restaurant.
  6. If you don’t have enough money, use the following cheat from map view: freerealestate on.
  7. Confirm your purchase (buy it furnished if you already have a house on it you want to keep)
  8. This will change the lot type to either restaurant or retail. You still won’t be able to change it.
  9. Sell your business through the map
  10. You are now free to change the lot type again.
  11. Because of buying/selling, your money balance will not be the same anymore. To put it back to the old amount, use the cheat money <amount> (put testingcheats true first).
  12. If you want a family to live there, you can now move them back in.