Bug Fixed
Fixed Bugs

Some Vampire powers don’t work anymore


These bugs have been fixed in Patch 1.59.73 and Patch 1.53.115


  • I tell my vampire to use dark meditation to restore their energy but all they do is wave and then do nothing
  • My vampire has the power Influence Emotions. I can’t find the option on my Sim anymore.
  • My vampire doesn’t have the power Influence Emotions. I can still see the option on my Sim though but it’s not working. The Sim only waves.


According to Simvasion Patch 1.52.100 added some testing if a Sim stands in the water. This has broken those interactions.

On top of that, the check if the Vampire has the power Influence Emotions was removed by accident. Depending on whether the Sim is inside or outside, you will see the option or not.