Open Bugs

Lots can’t be bought furnished


  • I want to buy a existing house for my Sim but there’s no option to buy it furnished.
  • I want to rent an apartment but the furnishing is showing as §0 and I can’t rent it furnished.


This issue has two causes

  1. Another Sim was living in that house before and moved with the furniture. This causes the house to become empty.
  2. The lot is still a crime scene
  3. The family that live in the house has died


The house is still a crime scene

Visit the lot with your active Sim. This should reset the crime scene

The house is still furnished in build mode

Enter the lot in buy/build mode from the map  and add something to the lot. The option to buy/rent it furnished should now appear. You will only need to pay for the one item you just added but everything will be there.

The house was build by you or downloaded from the gallery

If you saved the house to the Library/Gallery, you can just replace it from there. If you didn’t, you need to refurnish it.

It’s a house that comes with the game

  • Start a new game by clicking on the button New Game
  • Open the house you want to move in in build mode and save it to your library
  • Close the new game without saving and open the old one by clicking on the button Load Game.
  • Replace the house from the library.

How to prevent

To avoid problem 1 you should place the furniture you want to take with you into your household inventory before moving and then move without the furniture.

Problem 2  it merely a problem of the showing it wrongly. The house should still be furnished.

Problem 3 is a game bug but you can prevent the lot getting emptied by adding something to the lot.