Multiple problems with Interactions being dropped or randomly queued



The cause of this is unclear but in extreme cases it’s often an incompatible mod.

The above list is not conclusive. This bug has many symptoms and it might just be multiple bugs too.

Many people are affected by this and nothing seems to permentently solve it but I’m trying to list a few workarounds that can help you make it better.

EA/Maxis is aware of the issue and working on getting it fixed


  • Make sure you don’t have incompatible mods in your game. There are a few objects that also lead to issues.
  • Repair your game through Origin.
  • Delete your cache files, especially localthumbcache.package
  • Buy the steel bladder reward.
  • Turn of autonomy for your Sims in your game options.
  • Don’t queue interactions that trigger multi tasking right after each other, especially everything bathroom related
  • Everything related to bathroom seems to cause the most issues. Make sure to send your Sim without queuing  too many things. Sometimes it takes a few tries until a Sim does what told, especially when taking a shower/bath. It does seem to work if you’re persistent.
  • Don’t let your Sims do homework in groups.