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Incompatible Mods

Incompatible Mods


A lot of issues that occur after installing a new patch are caused by incompatible mods. A patch changes files that are overwritten by a mod which leads to conflicts and missing interactions.

Custom Content and Mods (Tuning & Script) can cause issues. Please always check everything.

Make sure your mods are current before playing.

Start up Issues



  • Sims look disfigured.
  • Missing and wrong textures


  • Script Call Fail Error
  • Sim can’t interact with the TV
  • Sim can’t go to the toilet
  • The phone doesn’t have the new interactions
  • The game is stuck in pause mode
  • Sims can’t get married
  • Sims can’t garden or water plants
  • My Sims don’t react to orders.
  • Interactions menus are distorted
  • New functionality of a patch is missing

More known issues


These issues are caused by mods which are related to the issue at hand in most cases

Lists can be found here


In most cases it’s enough to delete or update the mod. If that doesn’t hep, also clear your cache files or repair the game through Origin. Depending on the issue, it can happen that removing the mod, does not remove the issue from the save game if you already loaded the game with the bugged mod. In this case, load a Backup.

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