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[FIXED] Neighborhood Action Plans: Sims obsessed with doing specific interactions over and over


The future cubes/Clay spaming was fixed in Patch 1.68.154/ 1.33. There are still a few minor issues with the NAPs but in my eyes the main issues are fixed for now

This problem has been mostly solved in Patch 1.67.45/ 1.32. Details see below.

This problem was partly address in Patch 1.65.70. The issue with action plans from other neighborhoods getting applied to all NPCs have been fixed but there’s still an issue with Sims that have already been bugged and rotational game play.

I’ve updated this article to reflect the newest changes.


I installed the expansion pack Eco Lifestyle  and now everything seems to go wrong. Among others I have the following issues:

  • Sims cook and cook and never eat up (especially white cake)
  • All my furniture is disappearing. My own house as well as community lots. This leads to my restaurant being incomplete and non-functional.
  • My Sims are obsessed with playing with the future cube and the lump of clay and constantly interrupt whatever they are doing to play. If I change to another family, I find tons of these objects in the Sims inventory
  • NPCs can’t stop playing instruments and gather tons of them in their inventory
  • Sims interrupt their interactions to do push-ups
  • My Sims are flirting with everyone they see in the streets
  • NPCs constantly start brawls with the neighbors.
  • Sims constantly read books and mystery books are created in their inventory.


The cause isn’t clear in every case but the main cause for this are the neighborhood action plans (NAP). Apart from a few bugs, the plans seem to be very much overpowered and the pushes that make Sims do stuff are way too high.

The NAPs all have different properties that makes the NPCs do stuff and that with no limit.

The action plan Sharing is Caring for example make NPCs take your furniture on the active lot and so that soon there’s nothing left. Free Love allows it that each Sim can flirt with others without consequences and other plans make Sims cook, make music or play with the future cube and the lump of clay

Active Sims aren’t supposed to be pushed but playing rotationally can also make them engage in activities you don’t want them to, free will on or not.

The main bug with this is that not only the action plans for your current neighborhood is active (as it’s supposed to be) but all active action plans from every single neighborhood in all worlds. If you have all packs and with up to 4 active action plans in the same hood, it’s all of them very soon. This issue has been fixed

The current main bug is that NPCs Sims get applied commodities as soon as they visit a lot that has certain action plans in place. If you now switch lots without all Sims leaving, these commodities get stuck on the Sim, pushing them to do things even if the Sims are active. –> This issue has been fixed

This isn’t as bad as before but as many saves are still affected by the fixed bug + rotational play is something a lot of people do, it’s still not desirable. –> Affected save games are being repaired automatically.

Currently I believe there’s 4 bugs still active that can account for the behavior seen in many games. The main issues have been fixed. It’s unclear what issues are still present with Sharing is Caring.

  1. Commodities not properly removed for rotational players and possibly other scenarios like travelling
  2. Instruments/Future Cubes/Mystery Books and Clay being created inside the inventory. There was a bug with this before. They should only be there temporarily so Sims can use them to fulfill the need but not be made permanent in the inventory. Sims have always had an obsession with clay if there was one around so the creation might lead to use of them even if no NAP is in place.
  3. Excessiveness. There should probably be a longer cool down. This seems to vary depending on the NAP.
  4. Sharing is caring is a whole other bug cause the limitation of what’s getting stolen isn’t working correctly. As active Sims I think you can only take certain low-priced items but NPCs can take whatever they like. It’s also overly excessive
  5. Possible other issue with Fake news. Don’t know if that all can be accounted for by the NAP or if there’s a similar issue as the disgust one
  6. No variation in what they do: Just white cake and nothing else, even with high cooking skill. Same for herbalism and other stuff.
  7. Herbalism has a bug that lets Sims start on a grill and then finish on a stove which leads NPCs to enter your house uninvited.

The following list shows which action plans cause which issue

  1. Foodies Unite: Obsession with white Cake baking and cooking. Possibly also obsession with eating left overs and quick meals
  2. Support the Performing Arts!: Playing and spawning of Instruments
  3. Rock Your Body (and Mind): Push ups and other sports activity. 
  4. Tech Support: Programming and Future Cube Obsession/spawning
  5. Promote Creative Arts: Mostly Clay obsession/spawning, Selfies and Tablet use. If you have an easel also painting.
  6. Sharing is Caring:  NPCs steal ALL your stuff. On business lots, everywhere
  7. Free Love: Romance Interactions with everyone
  8. Roughhousing Encouraged: Getting into Brawls with everyone
  9. Back to the Old Days: Mystery Book creation and reading
  10. Juiced Community: Bartending and making bar drinks
  11. Self-SufficiencyGardening, Cleaning, Repairing stuff, De-Stressing Decoction Potion making
  12. Fun-Loving Community: Mischief (mostly Fake Bad News)


It’s no longer necessary to clean up your saves. That happens automatically now. Please see How to prevent further issue if you want to turn off NAPs
How to use Cheats

Do the following steps to use the cheat console

  1. Open the cheat console with ctl-shift-c
  2. Enter the cheat you need in the entry box which appeared in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Hit ENTER
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for every necessary cheat.
  5. After entering all needed cheats, close the cheat console with ctl-shift-c
Cheat to remove commodity for each NAP
  1. Foodies Unite: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_HomeCooking
  2. Support the Performing Arts!: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_MusicArts
  3. Rock Your Body (and Mind): stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_SelfCare
  4. Tech Support: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_TechnologicalProgress
  5. Promote Creative Arts: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_CreativeArts
  6. Sharing is Caring: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_CommunalOwnership
  7. Free Love: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_FreeLove
  8. Roughhousing Encouraged: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_Aggression
  9. Back to the Old Days: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_OldDays
  10. Juiced Community: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_JuicedCommunity
  11. Self-Sufficiencystats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_SelfSufficient
  12. Fun-Loving Community: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_FunCommunity

To solve the current issues with Action Plans on existing saves, there’s a few things you can do. All of them are only temporary and involve a lot of work to clean up existing saves.

Make your own decisions which route is the best for you.

  1. Use Simvasions Mods (see below). Best and easiest solution as they fix the commodity issue. It’s also permanent as long as you leave the mod in. Not a solution for console of course
  2. If you are mainly annoyed by active Sims interrupting their given interactions to do something else, fix only the active Sims with Cheats after switching. You can also fix NPCs that do stuff they shouldn’t this way. All you need is the ID of the Sim to enter with the cheat if you can’t make it active). You do need the AllCheats Mod by TwistedMexi for this to work hence also not a solution for console.
    1. Type in the Cheat Console: testincheats true
    2. Make sure the Sim you want to fix is active or get his ID with either Show/Search Sim Info Mod or by cheat (sims.get_sim_id_by_name <first name> <last name>)
    3. Type the following cheat: stats.remove_stat commodity_civic_Policy_Effect_NPCAutonomy_<Name of the NAP> <ID of the Sim> (List for possible NAP values in Spoiler above)
  3. If you want to clean up your entire game and try to prevent it from happening further or don’t want to use any mods, you can fix them by inviting them over to lots that currently have the corresponding NAP in place and make sure they leave the lot before you switch. This only works for NPCs as active Sims aren’t supposed to have any commodities in the first place. You can also repeal the action plan while the Sims are on a lot with cheats (see below) while the Sims are on the lot. This also gets rid of the commodities.

How to prevent further issues

If you’re starting a new save, it’s best to turn off NPC voting in the options. This way you can control which action plans are active or have non at all. Action plan auto-voting is in place for all neighborhoods that have households in your households (so if you favorited families in the household manager or played with them, the neighborhood they live in becomes eligible for auto-voting). Be aware that there’s another bug where you will still get messages for NAPs being put in place but it’s just a faulty message, they aren’t really in place.

If you are a rotational player, switch households only after everyone has left the lot. Random walk-by’s are also affected so it’s best to switch at night when there aren’t as many of those.

If you already have existing NAPs you want to repeal you can do so by either choosing Repeal Neighborhood action plan or via cheat (testingcheats true -> Shift-Click on the mail box or the board). You do need to switch to a family that’s lives in the neighborhood to do so.

Mods that help with the issue

  • NPC Neighbourhood Action Plan Autonomy Fixes by Simvasion
  • Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes by Simvasion
  • Fix Stuck NAP by Basemental: This mod is mostly for people that are not too comfortable using mods. It’s something you can put in, quick fix your save, then take out. The Mod removes all stuck commodities on all your Sim with one simple cheat.

    • Download the mod, unzip and put in your mods folder
    • Make sure that ScriptMods are enabled in your game options
    • Backup your saves
    • Start the affected save game
    • Open the Cheat Console with Ctrl-Shift-C
    • Type: fix_stuck_naps
    • Close the cheat console with Ctrl-Shift-C
    • Save your game
    • Close the game
    • Remove the mod.

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