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Presentation Board disappeared from Inventory


Dec, 12th 2019

This bug was fixed in Patch 1.59.73. There are still some reports of the board going missing. Please use the AHQ thread linked if you still have issues.


My Sim needs to do a term presentation for his class but the board has disappeared from the inventory/lot.


Things have a general tendency to disappear form the inventory, especially if you travel or move. This can also happen with the presentation board.


  • Place the board in your housing instead of keeping it in the inventory
  • Avoid moving during the term
  • Save your game before you travel
  • Save your game under a new name before you move.

Contrary to homework that you can just re-buy on the bookshelves, there’s no option to acquire a new presentation board. Because of this, there’s no solution to this issue and you need to do end the class without doing the presentation.

I’m unsure if this mod still works. Reports are mixed, It hasn’t been updated in a while.

The following mod allows you to get a new board from your professor. Click on Computer > University> Email professors about progress and choose the class with the missing board. You should then get a new board to your inventory.