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    Objects are removed from Inventory on Travelling

    Problem My Sim travels to another lot and everything I’ve newly added to my inventory is being removed. My Sim travels to another lot and everything I’ve deleted from my inventory is back. Cause The issue occurs if a lastException (LE) occurs while the Sim is travelling. The inventory is being reset to the state of the last saved game. The main issue are Sims that are children of Father Winter although not those Sims are affected but some others. The Father Winter Baby trait is causing a LE while travelling which resets the inventory. The Sims that have the…

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    [FIXED] Game Crashes when Sim dies

    Problem My game crashes when one of my Sims is dying. Cause This is caused by too much stuff in the inventory of the dying Sim Solution Clean out the inventory of the Sim that is dying. Further Reading [FIXED] Game crashes on loading the science lab My Game constantly crashes

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    [FIXED] Issue with Inventory Scrolling

    Problem My inventory gets stuck and I can no longer scroll in it. There’s an empty field at the top. Cause Seems the easter eggs have something to do with that but that’s not proven. Solution Change to a different tab (like aspiration, job or needs) and back. The inventory should then go back to normal. Do this a few times if it doesn’t work in the first try. Traveling also seems to unbug the inventory. You’ll get it back the next time you’ll find easter eggs though.

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    [FIXED] Bills stuck in Inventory

    Update This bug has been fixed in August 2015 Problem I have bills stuck in my inventory that I can’t get rid of or pay. The consequences are dire cause I have no more water and electricity. Cause This might be caused by going traveling with bills in your inventory. They seem to not be payable when you’re not on your home lot but should go back to normal once you are Solution Move in another Sim. They should have the option to pay the bill on the phone/mailbox/computer Try traveling a few times to see if they unstuck Use…