Patch 1.59.73

Your mods will be automatically disabled.
Please do make sure they are redeemed safe by the creator before enabling mods again and backup your save games.
Please also read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching

Today we get another big patch with a bit of new stuff and tons of bug fixes. Whims are unfortunately still not fixed but on the other hand they fixed the freelancer tasks and odd jobs not getting checked, the big issue with the missing harvestables, the broken spellcaster’s eyes as well as the issue where Sims could no longer write on the computer.

Save Error 510 was fixed as well as, Error Code 104:5ee05594 and 102:70c7f9a6.

They also fixed a lot of butler issues so hopefully it’s now useful to have one. Alien-Lovers will be pleased to hear that they now show correctly again in the thumbnail and the shrewd trait should also do what it’s supposed to do. NPC Sims will now fully eat their food again.

On top of that there’s lots of bug fixes for Uni and Realm of Magic. I’m sure there’s also fixes that are not listed so if you reported something at AHQ that is not on the list, please check it and let me know on the status

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

Hello Simmers!

It’s been quite the year for The Sims 4! We blew past the game’s 5th anniversary with no signs of slowing down. One of the community’s most highly requested expansion packs just launched recently, and we hope you’re all enjoying getting educated in Discover University. In case you haven’t heard, we’ve also launched another community Stuff Pack project, where your collective votes will decide the path of yet another pack coming to The Sims 4. And of course, The Sims’ franchise 20th anniversary is just over the horizon, which we’re looking forward to celebrating with you.

Today’s update has been influenced by you as well… We set aside time to specifically address issues that you’ve let us know are important to your in-game experience, and we hope the long list of fixes and improvements you’ll find below will lead to many hours of fun playing The Sims 4. In addition, we’ve squeezed in a few un-planned extras we hope you’ll enjoy. Not only have we added some new music tracks to the game, but we’ve also converted a number of hairstyles to now also be available for children and toddlers. While the adult versions of these styles will remain exclusive to whichever pack they originally came from, we hope you’ll all enjoy these additional options for your Sim’s little ones.

While Maxis will soon be taking a short break to enjoy the holidays (merry Winterfest, and a Happy New Year!), we’ll be back for another packed year for The Sims 4 in 2020. See you then!

-SimGuruGraham, ft. SimGuruGnome


The following music has been added to the alternative station:


Performed by Dayglow
Written by Sloan Struble
Copyright Control
Recording courtesy of AWAL Digital Ltd.


Performed by girl in red
Written by Marie Ulven
Copyright Control
Recording courtesy of AWAL Recordings

prom dress

Performed by mxmtoon
Produced by Robin Skinner & mxmtoon
Written by Maia M-T
Published by Songtrust Music Publishing
Recording courtesy of mxmtoon LLC under exclusive license to House Arrest/The Orchard
By Arrangement with Bank Robber Music

Win You Over

Performed by Whethan & Bearson feat. SOAK
Written by Ethan Snoreck, Jakob Bjørn Hansen, Birdie Monds-Watson, Anthony Whiting and Emily Phillips
Published by Whethan Publishing/These Are Pulse Songs (BMI) c/o Pulse Publishing Administration, Next Wave Music Publishing, Universal – PolyGram Int. Tunes, Inc. on behalf of Universal Music Publishing Ltd.,  Universal Music Corp. on behalf of itself and PW Arrangements, and Domino Publishing Company USA (ASCAP)
Whethan appears courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.
SOAK appears courtesy of Rough Trade Records
Recording courtesy of Ultra Records LLC


  • Fixed an issue where macOS Simmers could crash when accessing The Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where Nice or High Quality harvestables would disappear from Sims’ inventories after Travel or Save/Load.
    • We attempted to track down the lost harvestables that are currently lost, but found they were lost and unfindable. It’s findings like this that we find we are at a loss of words for, however any future loss should not be found.
  • Fixed an issue where Freelancer Career tasks would not complete after Sims would Travel.
  • Sims that were seated at a 6 seat round table can now Clean up the dishes.
    • Sadly, all the children who had thought they had found the magic loophole, stay seated at the table, are no longer…
      • …right… like any kid ever stays seated at the table.
  • Child Sims will be now able to enjoy Quick Meals again!
  • Who doesn’t enjoy a good bowl of cereal?
  • Fixed an issue where Sims didn’t write a genre book when “Write Genre Book” was selected.
  • Multiple duplicate interactions should no longer appear in pie menus when you have certain objects in your inventory.
    • Some example interactions that were reported: “Play Fetch”, ”Give Potion”, “Blackmail”, “Scan Here”. The LastException related to this issue should also be fixed.
  • The Jet Set Luxury Bath (bathtubJetsGEN_01) was listed as being Unbreakable when that wasn’t true.
    • It’s now truly Unbreakable!
    • David was also supposed to be Unbreakable… but… spoilers… he broke.
  • Speaking of Unbreakable, we fixed an issue with Hot Tubs and Stereos where unbreakable upgrades would not work if these objects were in use when upgrading them.
    • Obviously there was an issue with the hot tub… water is the weakness.
  • Fixed an issue in which some Sims could stand on, or walk through solid objects.
    • Specifically Baby Bassinets… babies were becoming quite paranoid they weren’t actually Sims…
  • Adding a Sim to an existing household via the Create a Sim Stories feature will no longer subtract Simoleons from the household.
  • You can now extinguish a fire, even if the fire is within another object.
    • This could occur if a large object caught fire. You would have to wait until the fire spread outside the bounds of the large object in order to extinguish it.
      • “Your house is on fire?!”
      • “Yep… it’s under the bed. Gotta wait it out. But I’m ready.”
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Error code 510:5bd7fa0b to occur when attempting to save.
  • Sims can now Scrap the unfinished paintings of visiting Sims.
  • Light intensity will no longer reset when setting Auto Lights options.
  • Fixed an issue which made the item Tiny Globe & Sycee of the Prosperous Moon appear twice in Build Mode.
  • Half Walls toppers can now be applied to half walls on all levels of your lot.
    • Topper… it’s a technical term that means the piece that goes on top of a half wall.
      • Ok, the issue summary said topper, I couldn’t remember what it was called, so I left it as topper.
        • Of course I have the game up and running. Yes I could go look…
  • Fixed an issue that caused Lots downloaded from The Gallery to be placed backwards and not being able to rotate them to an appropriate view.
  • Households downloaded from The Gallery should now have their starting funds set to the correct amount, and not just the base 20,000 Simoleons.
  • Child Sims will no longer receive Whims related to workouts.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow Nordic keyboards for macOS to use the Size Down Cheat.
  • Fixed an issue where Error code 102:70c7f9a6 would occur when loading into Lots after loading a saved game.
  • Walls no longer will disappear when Taking a Photo in a Basement level room that does not have a staircase.
  • Bookshelves will no longer have the option to purchase University books if you do not own Discover University.
  • Sims will no longer flicker on and off the landing pad, when in the Rocket Ship using the WooHoo or Try for Baby interactions.
  • Sims in the Supreme Villain career working on the mischief interaction task can now use the Slablet to Troll teh Forums to complete the task.
    • Ah, you crazy supreme villains and your trolling ways. So eeeeevil.
  • Addressed some UI issues in Create a Sim that occurred after modifying the scaling option in the Accessibility options.
  • Lots and rooms with modded paintings will now be flagged as Custom Content when uploading to The Gallery
  • Small rugs can no longer be placed over the cutouts created by stairs.
  • Using Ctrl + U to reset your UI Scaling while you have the UI Scaling window open, will now properly reset the scale bar.
  • Caterer Sims will now be able to make a Cake and complete their Party event goals.
  • Sims with the Shrewd reward trait weren’t as shrewd as they thought they were. We have restored their shrewd’ness and they should now actually receive the money they so rightfully shrewded away at the end of each week.
  • Aliens should now appear as expected in the Photo thumbnails, and no longer display their disguised forms when they are not in disguise.
  • Aliens will now display accurate selected options for Eyebrows and Beards in Create A Sim.
  • Fixed an issue where Scientist Sims would record their findings in Notebooks twice.
    • There are better ways to take tidy and efficient notes.
  • We addressed an issue that could prevent Sims from not being able to ring up customers who attempt to purchase from the warming rack.
  • Some boots, along with the Sims feet, were disappearing when the camera was zoomed all the way out. This should no longer occur.
  • The “Refer for Surgical Treatment” interaction is now available on surgery tables that have had their color altered with the bb.enablefreebuild cheat.
  • There were a number of confusing situations that arose as a result of Invites your Sims would receive. In some cases these would appear as two invites for the same event, one that was the “hey, I just wanted you to know” invite, and the other would be the real invite. They should behave more accordingly to expectations.
    • We blame it on bad investments, the cd market apparently didn’t mean compact discs.
  • Fixed an issue in which some shirts in Create A Sim would not tuck in appropriately into skinny jeans.
    • yfTop_EP03Mesh_OmbreBlue now looks as intended when paired with skinny jeans.
  • Sims on cursed lots will no longer always catch fire in all attempts while using the Fireplace or the Stove.
    • Looks at SimGuruMorgan with an Evil Grin.
  • Sims can now complete New Year resolutions on any lot, and not just their home lots.
  • The Lottery Holiday is back in your calendars! It should not be a surprise disappearing act any longer.
  • We spoke to the Holiday Gnomes and they have agreed to stop dropping seed packets if your Sims are not on Lot when the Holiday ends.
    • They wanted to spread holiday cheer… or they were attempting to bring about the end of Simanity, and usher in a new world order. Tomayto, tomahto.
  • Fixed an issue where Weather would affect items inside buildings.
  • Flower Bunny’s contract has been renewed for them to appear on any Holiday or Tradition that they are scheduled to.
    • Bunny contractual negotiations are ridiculous… they just keep multiplying their demands.
      • Dad joke quota met.
  • Holiday Gnomes will no longer break Unbreakable objects when having a negative relationship with them.
    • We don’t know what was done to make them angry, but even as magical as they are, they should not be breaking the Unbreakable.
  • The pedestal gnome (pedestal_EF18GENgnome) will no longer spawn as part of the Harvestfest gnomes tradition.
    • He’s a table, he knows he’s a table, he doesn’t have any illusions to the contrary
  • Married Celebrity Sim Couples will no longer React in Disgust with each other then they enter the same room.
    • They are just a B-list celebrity though, can you blame them?
  • Household members will no longer react to members with Pristine Reputation every time they travel together.
    • .. we get it, they are perfect… no need to rub it in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Recording a Product Review to fail if the Sim had previously interrupted a review by traveling to another Lot.
  • The Well Suited and G.R.A.N. talent agencies are back in business! Gigs from these agencies will now display appropriately.
  • Super Speed 3 should now work when Sims sleep in their Sleeping Pods and have a pet.
  • Fixed an issue where Odd Jobs tasks were not able to be completed.
  • Fixed an issue where Conch Shells were not able to be put in Sims’ Inventories.
  • Sims can now see their recorded findings in the Notification Wall when performing “Examine Water Thoughtfully” on the Fishing Board.
  • Released Fish will actually be released back into the water and not be stored in Sims’ Inventory.
  • Players using low graphics settings will be surprised to find that Dolphins do actually exist in the waters of Sulani.
  • Sims will no longer be accused of cheating on their coursework or homework if they don’t actually cheat.
  • Term Presentations should not have missing interactions any longer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Error code 104:5ee05594 to occur when loading into a Dorm where an NPC had a Baby.
  • We addressed some feedback that getting As was too easy. Please be aware that your Sim will have to complete the coursework in order to consistently get good grades.
  • Students will no longer autonomously taunt each other about University Superiority unless they’re at the Game Day organization event or have one of these traits: Childish, Evil, Hot-Headed, and Bro.
  • Please be aware that a Sim’s hunger, energy, and bladder motives will no longer refill on their own just before class.
  • Fixed an issue in which Enhancing Utility Bots would get cancelled inappropriately.
  • Roommates should no longer Bring Food home every time they return.
    • Starving students… yes, it’s a trope, but let’s not lean into it so heavily.
  • Sims can now Turn Off Computer Glasses when moving to other neighborhoods.
    • It was getting a bit awkward in special occasions and when meeting neighbors. Not to mention it is a fashion… choice, yes… let’s just say that.
  • Sims that complete the debate showdown, will once again be able to change into their other outfits.
  • Term Papers will now always count toward the course’s final grades.
    • Dang it.
  • Fixed an issue where the following Build Mode items were not able to be placed on the LearnWell Desk (desk2x1_EP08DORM_set1):
    • Lex Light By Dex Pix – lightTableLarge_EP08GENarm_set1, Q-Bik Tabletop Mood Light – lightTableLarge_EP08GENcage, and Great Gramps’ Light –  lightTableLarge_EP08GEN_set1 can now be placed properly.
  • Fixed an issue where “The Secret Society Masks” were not being unlocked in Create A Sim.
    • yuAcc_GlassesEP08SecretSocietyMask and yuAcc_GlassesEP08MasqueradeMask are now unlocking as intended.
  • The showerWall_EP08Gen_set1 shower will no longer turn on when a Sim attempts to repair it.
  • Fixed an issue with a swatch color for the yfBody_EP08DressOveralls_BlackSolidWhite
  • Active Sims should no longer get the “Not Enough Exercise” tense buff if they have enrolled in the Soccer Fútbol after school activity, or choose to juggle a soccer fútbol
  • Sims now must meet all of the promotion requirements in order to be promoted in the Education Career.
  • Attempting to interact with a bike rider should no longer cause your Sim to route fail when performing the interaction.
  • The Make Offering to Sprites interaction should no longer be unavailable if you only have harvestables in your inventory.
  • Reaching level 5 of the Law Career now correctly unlocks the lawyer suits for your Sim in Create a Sim.
  • Bots enhanced to level 3 will no longer automatically enhance to level 4 upon activation.
  • Interacting with a Sim riding a bike will no longer cause the Sim, your Sim, the bike, parts of the world, or any other potential object or thing to disappear.
  • Inviting your professor to hangout will now actually have the professor arrive to hangout.
  • Servo can now complete the StrangerVille story.
  • Servo Fun and Social motive descriptions no longer incorrectly refer to Servo as a Sim.
  • Bicycles can now be searched for in Build Mode by using the term “bike”.
  • ExoMech suit can be worn by teen Sims, and is visible too.
  • Sims already wearing a helmet, will no longer change into another helmet to ride a bike.
  • Sims in the same household will now automatically know the others degree program.
  • Sims will no longer receive multiple signing bonuses from degree relevant careers. Only one signing bonus is awarded in any seven day period.
  • Woohoo in Shower will no longer give fame.
  • “Chat About Scandalous Lawsuit” now provides fun.
  • Choosing to cancel the Practice Presentation interaction will now cancel the interaction.
  • Servos can no longer get sick.
  • Servos can no longer purchase the Seldom Sleepy reward trait.
  • Sims on probation can now be asked to study with.
  • Sims should no longer route fail when attempting to take a Pregnancy test in a bathroom stall.
  • Asking the Repo Person to not take your stuff will now provide you a Text Notification as to whether or not you had an impact on the Repo Person’s decision.
  • Sprites no longer appear around the Sim after the buff expires after leaving the Secret Society.
  • Sims can now roast at a campfire without needing a seating object nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where Sims did not have the option to “Take Bath with Soaks” and “Take Mud Bath” on Showertubs.
    • Mud bath… showertub, at home? Hmm. Goooood plumbing.
  • Sims can now again get massages autonomously at Spas.
    • Pamper Mode: On!
  • NPC Sims will now eat more at Restaurants.
    • Profit!
  • Photos taken of Experimental Foods will now display correctly when put into frames.
  • Fixed a swatch color error with the ymTop_GP03Blazer_SolidWhiteBlack
  • “Influence Emotions” interaction will no longer be available to Vampires that have not yet unlocked this perk.
  • Several objects were not properly being found when using color filters. These should be filterable now.
  • StrangerVille music has been added to the Lin-Z Smart Speaker.
  • Fixed an issue where Occult eyes would not properly apply to Spellcasters.
  • Unplayed NPCs not living in Glimmerbrook will no longer appear in Glimmerbrook performing Magic.
    • What’s next Bob Pancakes is a vampire?
    • He is? I knew it!
  • “Challenge to Magic Duel at Dueling Grounds” performed by a broom and non-broom using duelist will now take place at the dueling grounds.
  • Spellcasters with the “Knowledge is Magic” Perk will now be able to complete the “Finish Reading 3 Books” aspiration goal.
  • Fixed an issue where some Spellcasters would not complete the “Learn a Spell” goal, even though they would learn a Spell.
  • Spellcasters will now be able to Do Laundry while having “Always Transportalate” enabled.
  • Fixed an issue in which Pet Familiars would not stop foraging, never bringing back their findings.
    • They are now all good Familiars and bring everything they find back.
    • We also fixed an issue where they would only bring Brooms back after foraging, they are still all good familiars.
  • Sages now can be chosen to Play With for a game of Chess.
    • They cheat… I can’t be that bad.
  • Random non Spellcaster Sims no longer will show up as being Sages.
    • Impostors have been dealt with. Thank you for your cooperation.
    • That’s probably who I was playing chess against.
  • Fixed an issue in which Cauldron made food was not able to be eaten as leftovers when looking at the refrigerator.
    • Thankfully so! Not sure what we were going to do with all that food.
      • Try the Mac and Cheese, 10/10 totally recommend.
  • Fixed an issue in which sounds from The Magic Realm could be heard in Del Sol Valley if you had Get Famous installed.
  • Fixed an issue in which some shirts in Create A Sim would not tuck in appropriately.
    • yfTop_GP08ShirtLace, yfTop_GP08BlouseSeeThrough, and yfTop_GP08BodysuitVinyl now look as intended when paired with skinny jeans.
  • Spellcaster Sims can now clean potty messes, child messes, and kitty litter messes by casting Scruberoo.
    • Magic… it’s magic.
  • Spellcasters will no longer have duplicate makeup options in CAS.
    • I understand buying duplicates of favourite make up items, but this was excessive.
  • Spellcasters should no longer land in unroutable locations when using the “Always Use Brooms” spell.
  • Fixed an issue with asset yfAcc_WristRightGP08Gems in Create A Sim that made it display incorrectly when Sims were styled with long sleeve shirts.
  • Spellcasters that cast Mischief Spells will now get awarded Mischief Skill when doing so.
    • Excellent… Evil Laugh
  • Male spellcasters will no longer have a chance of going bald after performing Rite of Dissolution.
  • yfHair_GP08Braids now properly appears within the Afro-Textured texture filter.
  • Mischief spells are now counted towards the Criminal Career daily task Mischief Interaction.
  • Spellcasters with the Spellcraft and Sorcery aspiration will no longer reset or cause a LastException after writing songs.
  • Mandrake and Valerian Root plants are now able to be planted indoors when it is Too Cold if Simmers have Realm of Magic installed.

Perfect Patio Stuff

  • We fixed an issue where hired Maids would often change into Swimwear and use the Hot Tub instead of completing their tasks.
    • I hired them to clean. honest!

Romantic Garden Stuff

  • Sims in the Freelance careers, including freelance photography, will no longer be able to Wish for Promotion using the Wishing Well.
    • Sims are their own boss, so it didn’t make sense for them to do that.
  • Sims in Conservationist, Educator, Actor, Style Influencer, Military, Critic, Social Media, or Politician careers will now be able to Wish for a Promotion using the Wishing Well.

Backyard Stuff

  • Fixed an issue in which some shirts in Create A Sim would not tuck in appropriately into skinny jeans.
    • yfTop_SP08BodysuitLace now looks as intended when paired with skinny jeans.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

  • Addressed several issues that caused the butler to fail to perform their assigned tasks.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Butlers to help put Toddler Sims to Bed.
  • The Butler should no longer make food for themselves when they are not hungry.

Moshino Stuff Pack

  • Emotional auras in photographs can now be toggled on/off.
  • Fixed an issue where some photos taken were a bit blurry when placed in frames in Live Mode.
    • Sent all of our cameras to maintenance for repairs, enjoy!
  • Tripods placed on floors other than 1, 2, or 3, should no longer cause the camera to change floors when attempting to take a photo.
  • Ask to Pose interaction should no longer fail if the Sim attempts to run the interaction from the Open Street.
Last Updated: April 2, 2021