Expansion Packs

What are Expansion Packs ?

Expansion Packs add new content and new game play to the Sims Base game. They will not run on it’s own but usually add a great deal of new items and new things to do.

Where can I buy Expansion Packs ?

Expansion Packs are available on Origin or as DVD in retail. For Links see Available Expansion Packs .

You can also buy key from retailers like Amazon but make sure you buy them from authorized sellers only.

Where do I redeem my key ?

see [ORIGIN] How to redeem a Game Key/Code

How to install a Expansion Pack

Expansion packs are installed through the Origin client. They do not appear directly in my Games. You have to click on the Sims 4 game and then choose the tab Expansion Packs.

The download should start automatically. If not just click on the orange download button.

How to uninstall an Expansion Pack

See: Uninstall single packs

Available Expansion Packs

So far the following expansion packs have been released

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