Crystal Creations Stuff Pack

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Released on
February 29, 2024
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Craft dazzling jewelry and give your creations a spark of power with The Sims™ 4 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack. Engage with a new skill that will have your Sim collecting materials and customizing pieces to wear, gift, or sell. These gems don’t just look radiant — when charged in the moonlight, they can affect Sims’ moods, relationships, careers, and lives!


Jewelry By You — Fill your collection with colorful new crystals and metals that can be used to create sparkling jewelry. Aspiring jewelers can build up their new skill by using the Gemology Table to cut crystals and get creative with jewelry customization.

All Charged Up — Search out crystals or pluck them off the Crystal Tree and get ready to supercharge! Charged crystals will affect Sims in a variety of ways, like altering their moods or even helping with their careers.

Dark & Dreamy — Pair your shining creations with hints of mystery and intrigue. The clothing and furniture in this pack is perfect for a cozy workroom. There’s even a set of dreamy jewelry created in collaboration with Simmer Arethabee, available in CAS.

Source: EA