Save Games

Where can I find my save games ?

You can find your save games here:

C:\Users\<user name>\documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves

There are two sub folders within this folder

  • SerialGUID: This folder is not used at the moment an can be ignored
  • Scratch: Only important while playing. Can be ignored for backups.

Each save game has a file Slot_<Number>.save and up to 5  Slot_<Number>.save.ver<Number>. This is the current save game and up to 5 backups. This means the game keeps automatically the 5 last states of your save game as a backup.

How do you load a certain save game ?

The latest game you’ve been playing will be automatically loaded when you press on the big Play-Button in the lower right corner

You do have the option to start a completely new game or load a different save game by clicking either on the PLUS symbol or the DISC symbol in the upper right corner of your main menu.


After pressing the load button you will get a window with your save games to choose from.


How does the Auto-Save work ?

Unsure but the game does not save at certain intervals but rather when you do certain actions like traveling.

How do I backup my save games ?

To backup your save games, all you have to do is copy the file Slot_<Number>.save  and maybe Slot_<Number>.save.ver<Number> to a save place (external disc, flash drive, other place on your hard disc, DVD, …). You could create a folder SimsSaves for this.

Since the save games do not have names that tell you what is what, it is best to create a folder for each of your games and put the current save game and it’s backups in there. Use a name you can remember for the name of the folder. I do not recommend renaming the files itself since you would need to remember to name them back.

You can also use the save as option ingame to give the game a new name. This way you don’t overwrite the old one. The save game gets a new slot number.

When should I make a backup of my save game ?

A backup is important before the installation of each patch/expansion pack

I also recommend to save before a big event like a wedding or moving. Use a different name to save under.

How do I restore a backup ?

If you want to overwrite your current save game with one of the backups, all you need to do is to delete the file Slot_<Number>.save (or move if you want to keep) and then rename one of the Slot_<Number>.save.ver<Number>  in  Slot_<Number>.save. This will make the game recognize the save game as legit and show it in the game.

If you have your own backups you can also delete the Slot_<Number>.save  (or move if you want to keep) and then copy your backup back in the saves folder.

Are there other files I should backup ?

It’s best to save all user files. More can be found here: Backups.

Thanks to SimGuruModSquad for all the info

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