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MC Command Center

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July 27, 2022
Current Version

Mod for StoryProgression, Bug Fixes, Cheats and many other functionalities.

The Mod consists of several

  • mc_cmd_center: Main Modul. MUST be installed for the other modules to work.
  • mc_career: Career-Based functionality
  • mc_cas: Helps with settings for CAS Body Parts. Allows to have templates.
  • mc_cheats: Extra Cheats
  • mc_cleaner: Basic clean-ups like synchronizing of married Sims last names, outfits or homeless ghosts.
  • mc_clubs: StoryProgression for Clubs
  • mc_control: Allows limited control over NPCs.  You will have some interactions on then and can control them as if they were an active Sim
  • mc_dresser: Allows you to have a black/white list for CAS Assets. Gives you more control over what Sims can wear.
  • mc_gedcom: Allows to export your family tree fo GEDCOM type programs.
  • mc_occult: Options for occult specific gameplay
  • mc_population: Basic StoryProgression to help move in homeless Sims into houses
  • mc_pregnancy: Basic StoryProgression so NPCs can get married and have children autonomously.
  • mc_tuner: Allows the configuration of autonomous interactions.
  • -Automation Scan: Allows scanning and disabling autonomous interactions that are currently Running or are linked to specific objects (including Sims)
  • mc_woohoo: Module for Simmer > 18 years of age. Handles romantic interactions between Sims.

Detailliert Dokumentation auf Englisch hier: MCCC – Documentation

Last Updated: August 17, 2022