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Stacked inventory items crash the game



This bug was fixed in Patch 1.105.345/1.90


My game crashes when I try to scroll through the inventory or hover over items with my mouse. This mostly happens for brooms and wands. I can also not delete the objects without the game crashing.


The crashes are caused by stacks of certain objects. For some stacks only an LastUIException throws without the game crashing.

Objects that have a separate stack icon seem to be the ones affected. These are brooms, wands and light sabers (there could be more). These items work if you have just one.

Associated LastUIException

TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
	at olympus.core.tooltip::TooltipBase/SetData()
	at olympus.core.tooltip::TooltipObject/ShowTooltip()
	at olympus.core.tooltip::TooltipObject/HandleEvent()
	at olympus.extensions::TooltipExtension/SendTooltipEvent()
	at olympus.gui.buttons::Button/OnMouseRollOver()
	at olympus.gui.buttons::Button/OnMouseRollOver()


For the game not to crash, you will need to resolve all stacks of the above type. You can only have one items of each in your inventory. There’s currently two methods how you can achieve this if your game is crashing.

Removing extra items via interactions

You need the Seasons for this method to work. Make sure you don’t have any paintings or food in your inventory or gifting will currently fail.

  1. Make sure the inventory window is closed
  2. Click on any other Sim you know and gift them your extra brooms/wands and other affected items so you end up with just one in your inventory.
  3. If you have multiple, only gift one to any given Sim.

If you have Eco Lifestyle, you can use the recycler to recycle the extra items.

This method does not always work on first time and you need to try multiple times. Make sure to keep backups of your saves.

  1. For PC/Mac: Navigate to this folder: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Saves and delete the folder Scratch if there’s one in your saves folder.
  2. Load your save game
  3. If the inventory is showing open, close it
  4. Do some stuff with your Sim. Travelling, switching to build/buy mode or, doing some interactions or switch between Sims.
  5. Open the inventory and drag it to the max size so that you see all items
  6. Click on the stacks (anything that has those stack icons) and try to move all but one item to your home. You can only have one item.
  7. If you are able to do this without the game crashing, save your game (best under a new name)