Patch 1.47.51

Your mods will not be disabled this time as this is only a small patch. Please make sure to check them anyways

Please backup your save games

Please read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching.

New patch, new luck. Small emergency patch but important.

Today we get a small emergency patch for some bad bugs that Patch 1.47.49 brought.

The patch contains bug fixes for Father Winter’s offsprings are missing from my save gameMy Sims age randomly changesTerrain Paint not applying and an issue with custom content hair color swatches.

Saves that were saved after Father Winters babies went missing or that have messed up ages, will most probably not go back to normal even after you apply the patch. I will outline some ways to try and fix your saves in the blog articles later.

If you are using Scarlet’s aging fix, please remove this from your game. It’s no longer needed.

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

With a snap of his frozen fingers they were gone. Not some. Not half. But all of his children. Gone. While that is certainly one way to abdicate parental responsibilities, it’s admittedly not the best look for the Sim with a supposedly pristine reputation. Father Winter’s PR team and media handlers have assuredly taken note of the social backlash and a subsequent press release has stated that he will no longer banish his children.

One day you’re just a teen trying on clothes in CAS and the next thing you know: BAM – you’re an elder! While it’s true that the icy embrace of mortality inevitably comes to claim us all, it probably should not happen in CAS. So shake free from the shackles of mortal coils and live eternally once more! *Begins to sing* Here we belong, fighting to survive in a world with the darkest power. Here we are…

While in laptop mode the terrain paints will now display. They were just being a little shy and hiding from sight. We’ve worked with them on their confidence and offered them a cookie. It was enough to get them out from under the table and back into your game. Finicky little things. But they’re good paints.

This can now be changed again. Sims were going through their “natural look” phase and were rejecting CC hair. But all the Dev team Dads commented on how hip it looks so, needless to say, Sims want their CC back. A little reverse psychology works wonders.

Deforestation is an important issue. But not in downtown Del Sol Valley so go ahead and change that National Park into whatever you want. (I think a nice restaurant would be fantastic provided you have that Gamepack. If not, it’s a great deal right now. Consider picking it up. #ShamelessPlug)

Sometimes Jasmine was showing up to conduct the Positivity Challenge instead of Millie Bobby Brown. That is no longer the case. Go home, Jasmine! You’re… confused. This isn’t your job, silly. I get it though. You’re feeling a little insecure. Some cool, new Sim appeared and you think they’re trying to show you up. Trying to take your job; your purpose even. It’s reasonable to feel upset. What isn’t reasonable, Jasmine, is pushing other Sims down so you can get to the front door first. NOT COOL! Go sit down and think about what you did. Maybe the next challenge you can come back.


Last Updated: April 23, 2021