Bug Fixed
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Sims reset on using the Digitalistic Sketchpad/ Eating


This bug was fixed in Patch 1.48.90


  • My Sim is using the new Digitalistic Sketchpad but nothing happens. Sometimes he picks it up but then it just lands on the floor
  • My Sims can’t eat. The action either disappears from the queue or the meal ends up on the floor.


The details are still unclear yet but it seems to affect only houses with pools.

The bug starts to affect other interactions over time

The sketch pad becomes useless after the reset and needs to be replaced.


  • Change the pool until it works (make it smaller/bigger, move it around, make sure it doesn’t directly adjoin to stairs.
  • Play a different household
  • Move your Sim to a different house
  • Bulldoze the lot and build a new house
  • Play a different save (without that particular house)