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[FIXED] My Sims age randomly changes


07/27/2022 There’s a new bug that’s very similar to this one. Please see this for more details: Sims randomly age after loading into Live Mode

This bug was fixed


I was in CAS and now my Sims is suddenly a few days older/younger than before.


Since Patch 1.47.46 Sims age in CAS (the can also become younger). It doesn’t matter if you have aging on or off. There are even reports of Vampires aging. The more time you spend in CAS, the bigger the difference.


There is currently none that’s satisfying.

As it seems the Get Famous game pack fixes the bug (EA Game Changer Early Access – Thanks to EA) but buying a pack to fix a bug is not really worth it. –> This as unfortunately proven to be wrong. The Sim I was testing with just isn’t affected by the bug. It has nothing to do with the pack.

Best thing to do is to not go to CAS until the bug is fixed.

Mods that help with the issue

Both of these mods work fine with the issue but they also revert the fix Maxis made for the Twins don’t share birthday issue.