Technical Issues

Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup


Initialization errors have different causes and for most of them it’s unclear what’s causing the issue. It’s an error that occurs when the game tries to start-up.

You will receive the following message:

Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup.[135dec40:<Number1>:<Number2>].

The error number has three parts

  • 135dec40: This is always the same. It’s the Initialization error identifier
  • <Number1>: This part gives an indication what’s wrong. Unfortunately for most numbers, I don’t know what they mean and all you can do is do some troubleshooting
  • <Number2>: I don’t believe that part is relevant. Some kind of SessionID probably.

Known Numbers

The following numbers often occur. Some of them have further troubleshooting steps or known causes. If you have those, start with the solutions provided in the linked posts.

General Troubleshooting