Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup

This Post needs an overhaul. Service Initialization Errors almost always have to do with permissions and issues writing to the user folder but the second part of the number gives a indication on what’s wrong. So it’s important what you get. This is something this article currently doesn’t reflect. Will get to it as soon as I can.

Update 11/30/2020

Error Code: 135dec40:3fbbecd0

There’s currently a variant of this on PC happening. It’s unclear at this point how to solve it.

Please provide your information here if you have this number: Error code 135dec40:3fbbecd0

Update 04/11/2020

Mac has a new issue since Patch 1.62.67. Please see this for details: Workarounds for The Sims 4 Locale Issue

If you are on PC Windows, use the steps given below.


If you are on a Mac, please check out this post by Bluebellflora: Initialization error at startup


I get the following Error Message: Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup.




  • The game doesn’t get enough rights to start the game
    • Windows Controlled Folder access blocks the creation of a user folder.
    • Antivirus/Firewall are blocking Sims 4
    • Missing Admin rights
  • The issue is related to a corrupt Origin installation
  • Also occurs if you have Origin on a different drive than Sims 4


Where can I find my installation folder ?
The following tips need to be done for the exe-File of the game. It's best to do it for both the 32 bit Version (TS4.exe) as well as TS4_64.exe). Also add the Origin.exe file. Both Sims files can be found in the folder <Installation folder>\Game\Bin and \Game\Bin_LE The Origin file can be found in the folder you installed Origin in (Default: c:\programs(x86)\Origin)

More suggestions

To everyone who helped figuring this out at the forums and to the person who uploaded the picture. Sorry, I forgot to write down your name.