Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup

Update 04/11/2020

Mac has a new issue since Patch 1.62.67. Please see this for details: Workarounds for The Sims 4 Locale Issue

If you are on PC Windows, use the steps given below.


If you are on a Mac, please check out this post by Bluebellflora: Initialization error at startup


I get the following Error Message: Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup.




  • The game doesn’t get enough rights to start the game
    • Windows Controlled Folder access blocks the creation of a user folder.
    • Antivirus/Firewall are blocking Sims 4
    • Missing Admin rights
  • The issue is related to a corrupt Origin installation
  • Also occurs if you have Origin on a different drive than Sims 4


Where can I find my installation folder ?
The following tips need to be done for the exe-File of the game. It's best to do it for both the 32 bit Version (TS4.exe) as well as TS4_64.exe). Also add the Origin.exe file. Both Sims files can be found in the folder <Installation folder>\Game\Bin and \Game\Bin_LE The Origin file can be found in the folder you installed Origin in (Default: c:\programs(x86)\Origin)

More suggestions

To everyone who helped figuring this out at the forums and to the person who uploaded the picture. Sorry, I forgot to write down your name.