Technical Issues

Origin not running (d3382ced:984c6a38:00000000)

Corrupt Installation
Security Software
Be aware that the error number you get is important in it’s whole length. If you have different code, your issue is different from this one
List with other codes can be found here: Startup Errors
More information about loading errors can be found here: Game won't start



This error should no longer occur since Origin for Windows is history. I’m unsure if there’s similar issue for EA app


When I try to start the game, I get the following error message:

Unable to Start: Origin is not running, make sure that it is running before attempting to play the Sims 4 [d3382ced:984c6a38:00000000]


The Sims 4 needs the latest version of Origin installed. This message is very common if you upgraded to Windows 10 and didn’t reinstall Origin.

  • Uninstall your current version of Origin and download the newest one. Then install that.
  • If you’re still having issues, do a manual, clean uninstall of Origin by following instructions here: Manually Uninstalling the Origin client and then try to install the newest version again.

The issue can be caused my missing rights

Windows now has a lot of security measurements to make sure external programs don’t harm your computer. This can be the reason that the game doesn’t have enough rights to execute a function and it gets blocked.

You can find the files for Sims 4/Origin here

  • <Installation folder>\Game\Bin\TS4_x64.exe
  • <Installation folder>\Game\Bin_LE\TS4.exe
  • c:\programs(x86)\Origin Games\origin.exe (Path can very depending on your installation)
  • C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\EA Desktop\EA Desktop\EADesktop.exe

You are using an illegal version of Sims 4

You won’t get any help for illegal versions here.

Other things to try