Change Sims Name and Traits


  • How can I change my Sims name once I put him in the game ?
  • How can I change my Sims traits after putting him in the game ?


Change the name

  • The name of your Sim can be easily changed in CAS now. Click on the mirror or the dresser and choose Plan Outfit or Change Sim. Then edit the name in CAS
  • The name of the household can be changed through map view. The same space lets you edit the biography of your family and the description for the lot.

    • Choose Manage World
    • Click on the household of the family that wish to change
    • Click on the house in the lower left corner
    • Change the name in the field of the household name.

Charaktereigenschaften ändern

How to use Cheats

Option A

Since Patch 1.44.77 the game has a reward potion called Re-Traiting Potion which you can buy in the rewards store for §5000. This lets you change all traits.

Option B

This option has a bug that still gives you moodlets for the old trait although you removed it..

  1. Type testingcheats true
  2. Type cas.fulleditmode
  3. Click on the dresser/mirror and choose Plan Outfit or Change Sim.
  4. CAS will now load in the complete mode and you can change the traits.

Variante C

  • Type testingcheats true
  • Make sure the Sim whose traits you want to change is active.
  • Type traits.remove_trait <Name of the trait>
  • Type traits.equip_trait <Name of the trait>
  • Repeat for each trait you want to change.