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    New Highlight resets itself

    Problem I clicked on all the new things and they are not being shown as new anymore but as soon as I change to a different category and back, the highlights are also back. Cause Probably a corruption of the file ReticulatedSplinesView. Solution Delete the following file: Documents\Electronic Arts\TheSims 4\ReticulatedSplinesView. Start the game to recreate the file By deleting the file, all new highlights will be set back and you need to click on everything again. This time it should stick though. If you don’t want to click on every object/clothing, you can also use this method to remove all the…

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    [FIXED] Unremovable New Highlight in Bodies and Skins

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.65.77 Problem Since Patch 1.60.54 there’s a new highlight in Bodies and Skins that doesn’t go away although there’s no new skin color Cause There’s probably a wrong value in the ReticulatedSplinesView for bodies and skin tones. Solution The highlight can be removed manually as described here:  Manually removing New Highlights AHQ Thread Please click me too on this thread if you have the issue: Highlighting of ‘Bodies and Skin Tone’ in CAS Further Reading

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    [FIXED] Game crashes on exiting CAS

    Update This was fixed in Patch 1.55.108 Problem I just created a spellcaster but when I wanted to leave CAS, my game crashed. Cause The game crashes if you leave CAS while the spellcaster is doing an idle animation. Solution Wait until the idle animation is done and the Sim is just standing again before you leave CAS.

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    [MOD RELATED] White Boxes in CAS

    Problem Instead of the cloth, I just see white boxes in CAS. Cause This issue is caused by an outdated version of the More Columns In CAS Mod. Solution Get the newest version of the mod. You can get it for free at Weerbesu’s Patron. Further Reading [MOD RELATED] All doors are gone/ Can’t place new doors [MOD/CC RELATED] Several Issues with Mermaid My Sim is all shiny and full of random textures

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    Camera is spinning uncontrollably fast

    Problem My Sim starts to uncontrollably spin as soon as I click on him. This happens mostly in CAS but also in Live Mode https://sims4.crinrict.com/files/glitch.mp4 Cause This issue seems to be connected to the Windows Update 1903 from June 14th 2019. ReShade seems to have issues with this update since the problem was solved for people by uninstalling/closing the program. Gaming Mouse with high sensitivity Incompatible Mods. Other Overlays (Discord, Nvidia, ..) Solution Roll Back to an earlier version of Windows. Uninstall/Turn off ReShade. Turn off Origin in Game. Turn off Discord Overlay If this doesn’t help you, try a…

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    My Sims age randomly changes

    Update 07/27/2022 There’s a new bug that’s very similar to this one. Please see this for more details: Sims randomly age after loading into Live Mode This bug was fixed Problem I was in CAS and now my Sims is suddenly a few days older/younger than before. Cause Since Patch 1.47.46 Sims age in CAS (the can also become younger). It doesn’t matter if you have aging on or off. There are even reports of Vampires aging. The more time you spend in CAS, the bigger the difference. Solution There is currently none that’s satisfying. As it seems the Get…

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    [FIXED] Issues with Custom Content in CAS

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.6.69. Problem My downloaded custom content appears in CAS as clothing for aliens The filters for my custom content is totally messed up. The clothing is is visible in all categories. Cause Maxis changed something about the Instance- and Group-IDs which now leads to these issues. Solution There are none except not to use the custom content at the moment or to live with it. The next patch is supposed to fix this issue. You will then need to delete the file localthumbcache.package. The file will be recreated and the issue should be fixed. Mods that help…