Patch 1.44.77

Your mods will be automatically disabled.
Please do make sure they are redeemed safe by the creator before enabling mods again and backup your save games.
Please also read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching

Today we’re getting another big patch. It’s the patch for the Seasons EP, coming out on Friday. A lot of mods will be outdated (especially all UI Mods and the bigger mods like MCCC). Make sure to remove them. It’s unclear if cc will be affected this time but I kinda expect it to cause with all the changes for weather in the worlds, there’s bound to be an update that could potentially affect custom content as well.

There are tons of fixes in this patch and I don’t even know which ones I should point out. There has also some tweaking been done on issues that weren’t really considered bugs like the earbuds that were changed to raise fun now. Simmers that love retail will be pleased to here that the Lice Cold freezer should (once again) be back in working condition and produce and flowers is sellable again. There were other tweaks and changes for the GTW EP and I truly hope it’s now in back in mostly playable condition.

I’m guessing there will also be other fixes not mentioned in the notes but time will tell what they are.

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

Hello Simmers! SimGuruGrant here! This month’s update is a really big one with hundreds of tweaks, improvements, and fixes to a bunch of content in The Sims 4. Read below to catch up on some of the specific ones! SimGuruGnome is still off on assignment, so once again you’re stuck with boring old me. My apologies!

  • Glass Roofs! Finally! Use them to create a greenhouse or just a gorgeous new structure. You’ll find these in Build Mode. Be sure to share your creations with us on the Gallery!
  • We added Cold Weather and Hot Weather Outfit categories in CAS. Whatever clothing you use here will work for those weather types. That means these categories will work with custom content and storytelling.
  • We added a Swimwear category for toddlers.
  • We added a re-traiting potion. Huh? Yup! Go to the Rewards Store in the Aspiration panel and spend your satisfaction points. This lets you swap out your traits.
  • We overhauled the Gardening Skill in a big way! We revised the tuning and balance to make it a little easier and more profitable. Less drudgery, more money!
    • We synchronized plants to need water, etc. at the same time of day.
    • Seed Packets can be opened if placed on the ground.
    • There is a gardening sort in outdoor activities in Build to make it easy to find all the gardening equipment.
    • You can also buy seed packets in build now!
    • Gardening Evolution has been streamlined to 5 levels with better UI, plus we made the interaction immediate.
    • Uncommon and Rare Seed packets can be purchased once you’re at higher levels of the gardening skill. This means you can just buy them instead of hunting them down in the world.
    • You can research plants (new interaction) to gain info for your notebook.
    • Research tells you things like the right growing season, sell price, and more.
    • You can now sell Harvestables directly from the plant.
    • Most interactions now have an “area of effect” option at higher levels so you can garden more quickly and efficiently.
  • Fixed numerous pieces of clothing that were not properly compatible or had graphical issues.
  • Fixed numerous issues related to having and interacting with a large number of objects in a Sim’s inventory.
  • Players used to be able to grab a Sim from the gallery randomly then immediately upload it BACK to the gallery, gaining sole credit. That is no longer the case.
  • We’ve been working with air traffic controllers, and as a result, birds are no longer flying through houses throughout the various worlds. It seems we were bird brains on this one.
  • The Welcome Wagon will no longer hide their fruitcake for themselves. When they come say hi, they totally will give you that fruit cake. Which your Sims may or may not hate.
  • Children no longer wake up in a panic every time they wake up. Now, only when there are monsters around.
  • You can now successfully complete the wedding event by having the newlyweds enjoy the first slice of cake!
  • Sims at a social event with failing needs will now properly return to their active lot when you tell them to do so as expected.
  • If a Sim dies while their roommate is off lot, when the roommate returns, they’ll be very sad.
  • If you try to add birthday candles to a cake, the tooltip tells you how to do so if it is currently on the wrong part of the table.
  • Active Sims won’t try to drink so dang much during a party. Once they have a refreshing beverage, they should be good.
  • The “Sims walking on their knees” issue has been fixed for toddlers who age up.
  • The Book of Life can now be read if it is bound to the same lot as the Sim trying to read it. You can now truly get a life, or at least read about it.
  • Custom Music should now work appropriately on all stereos.
  • Aliens and Vampires no longer adjust the colors of their beards and eyebrows when going to work. The office uniform policy has been updated.
  • Some of our fake, not approved doctors were assigning patients to beds that already had a patient in them. This is poor healthcare and we’ve fixed it.
  • You can now sell gardening produce and flowers at retail again.
  • The police chief can no longer be the suspect in a crime. OR CAN THEY? No, they can’t. We fixed it. Or…no seriously. Case closed.
  • Sims can now purchase items stored in the LICE Cold Retail Freezer on NPC owned retail stores.
  • Employee Sims will now clock in more reliably, and automatically be assigned a job task when they show up for work.
  • Doctors and Detectives will no longer receive the Go on Vacation whim so frequently.

A Sim’s club progress no longer resets when transferring the Sim to a new household.

  • Sims who are resurrected after dying from eating poisonous Pufferfish Nigiri will no longer die when they eat anything else. Sorry, seems it took us longer to get all the poison out than we would have liked.
  • Sims listening to music via Earbuds (Fitness Stuff) will no longer cause a noise complaint from neighbors in the apartment.
  • Food Critics will no longer have conflicting experiences when reviewing food.
  • Squeamish Sims (Outdoor Retreat) are now properly affected by mice and natural dangers (Jungle Adventure).
  • Sims will now fall asleep after receiving the Zonked moodlet from the Bubble Blower.
  • Teenagers will no longer send inappropriate text messages regarding the Romance Festival.
  • The Scattered Panes windows now cast appropriate shadows.
  • Male stall vendors who work in Brindleton Bay and San Myshuno no longer wear high heels. Nobody appreciates our fashion choices!
  • Vet clinic staff will now work AS EXPECTED even if a TV or computer are on the lot. We had to update our staff policy.
  • We unfloated the objects that were floating at the Pupperstone Park location.
  • Cats will no longer receive a Flirty Moodlet from Flirty Paintings. They’ll have to look elsewhere to find love. Mee-yow.
  • Spayed cats will no longer become pregnant after an adventure from the Free Spirit trait. Now they’re super fixed.
  • Pet toys will no longer stick to cats when they’re finished playing with them. They’ll stay on the floor, as they should!
  • Fixed situations where Sims were unable to adopt cats or dogs.
  • Sims who belong to played households can no longer be employed by the Vet Clinic.
  • Sims now face the right direction when fishing in Brindleton Bay. The water is thataway!
  • New recipes from Cats & Dogs now function as expected in restaurants.

Perfect Patio Stuff

  • Uhntz uhntz uhntz uhntz ALL RADIOS CAN NOW PLAY THE ELECTRONICA STATION uhntz uhntz uhntz uhntz

Romantic Garden Stuff

  • When a new child is successfully summoned using the Wishing Well, the child is now actually added to the household. The magic had to be tweaked, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

  • We’ve added an interaction to send the Butler to sleep so that time will speed up when everyone in the household is now sleeping.
  • You can now remove Vanity Makeup with a new interaction on the vanity table.

Bowling Night Stuff

  • Sims can now socialize with each other while bowling, because it’s not like they’re breaking a sweat with rigorous athleticism.
  • Sims will level up their bowling skill more quickly now.
  • Sims can now choose between 3, 5, or 10 frame games of bowling, with the winning Sim’s score shown at the end of the game.

Fitness Stuff

  • Earbuds now raise a Sim’s fun need while music is streaming directly into their ears.

Laundry Day Stuff

  • The maid will no longer put folded clothes back into the washer and dryer. They were just trying to help…badly.

My First Pet Stuff

  • Sims, and especially pets, will now be a bit less obsessed with their rodents.
  • Sims who owned a rodent will become sad for a period of time when their rodent dies.


Last Updated: January 25, 2023