Patch 1.93.129

Your mods will be automatically disabled.
Please do make sure they are redeemed safe by the creator before enabling mods again and backup your save games.
Please also read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching

Today’s patch gives us a few patch fixes. Sims will run again and aren’t obsessed with changing the color of their phone anymore. They also fixed the bug where you couldn’t alter the chest on opposite frame Sims.

Sims will continue to be mean to each other even after this patch though. No fix for that.

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

Hello Simmers!Hope everyone got a chance to watch the Behind The Sims Summit livestream that happened just a short couple of weeks ago—pretty exciting stuff in there if you didn’t!We have a small update here as we get ready for the upcoming release, so let’s just go on in and see what you can expect in the update.

  • The Sims Team

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing RT/R2 or LT/L2 while in the Likes & Dislikes options in Create a Sim will no longer close the interface, and change the controller focus to a hidden interface.
  • Sims will run while performing a Go Here interaction if the distance is long enough.
  • …and they aren’t lazy
  • …and do not currently have a buff that would prevent running..
  • Sims should also run from fires. Unless they don’t. Then they’ll probably just catch fire and run in place.
  • Chest deformations should once again expand correctly on female Sims with masculine frames.
  • Change Phone Color after queuing should no longer re-queue in the action queue after traveling, or saving and reloading the game.
  • Completed goals as part of the New in Town scenario will now disappear on completing the goal, rather than waiting for a time out delay.
  • Completing the aspiration goal of Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend before the Soulmate and Serial Romantic aspiration goals are active, will now complete the goal appropriately.
  • Black is no longer the only color option for the yuMakeupEyebrows_EP12EGirl eyebrows.
  • Newly transformed werewolves will now transform with appropriate varieties in their occult form fur patterns, rather than just going with the all black all the time look.

Last Updated: November 1, 2022