Free Base Game starting October 18th 2022

Starting October 19th, 2022 the base game will be free for all players. This raises questions of course.

I tried to put together a list of the most important ones.

Depending on what issues occur over the next couple of days, I will continue to update it.

Probably not. EA has announced this change a month ago. If you want to try anyways, please contact support.

Yes, the base game is free for Windows (EA App & Steam), Mac, XBox and Playstation.

The free version is available in the shop of your platform.


Navigate to Store Browse The Sims 4

Add the game to your account by clicking on Get the Game.

Download the game.

EA app

Click on Browse and enter Sims 4 in the search field

Click on Download to add the game to your account and install it on your computer.

Afterwards you can find the game in your library.

Yes. You are getting different packs now. The packs Dine Out and Kids Room Accessory are currently still available for players that already had EA Play before October 18th, 2022. You will keep them until you cancel your membership.

The account will show a new version but everything should be automatic. You can still get the free base game version for your account in case you decide to cancel your membership.

The Bundles contain the following packs

EA Play: Get to Work

EA Play Pro: Get to Work and Toddler Stuff Stuff Pack

You won’t need to reinstall the game after the change and your data will be intact as well. It’s always wise to make a backup though.

Both the CAS Demo as well as the free Demo will be retired on October 18th and removed from Origin. Since the base game is free, there’s not much point having them.

The offer expires October 18th. After that you will need to buy it.

The version can be found in the shop of your platform.

No. Except the above mentioned limited offer for the Desert Luxe Kit, the Holiday Celebration Set that was always free and the bundles you get with your EA Play membership all packs still cost money.

No, you are not affected by this change. All your data and games will still be in your account the way you bought them.

Making a backup is always a good idea though.

Yes, Mods & CC work as they always have.

I do recommend playing without them at first though if you’re new to the Sims. Once you get used to the game and want to start adding stuff, read the available resources and get to know the advantages and disadvantages of Mods/CC

Sims 4 added a new guidance system with their latest patch: Emily. Follow her advice and get to know the game. Play without getting any add-ons at first to find out if the game is something for you. Before buying extras it’s advisable to read up on which packs are best suited for you and check out the bug lists available. Not every pack is currently in a good playing state.

You can find more resources around the game on my link list.