Sims can’t clean dishes


Bug 1 was partially fixed in Patch 1.63.134 but Sims just put dishes on half-walls. If dishes are already in unreachable spaced, you need to manually remove them. To my knowledge they should no longer put them in unreachable spaces afterwards.

A new issue has emerged if the house only has ladders. Sims can’t carry stuff up and down ladders and sind they like to use the sink on a different floor that can lead to issues.


My Sims is supposed to clean up the table and do the dishes but after taking the dishes, he puts them back on the table.

My Sim only cleans one item, then stops

The option to clean up is grayed out and I get a message that I don’t have a trash can or a sink on my lot which is untrue. The trash can and the sink are freely accessible

Causes & Solutions


Sims have the tendency to put the dishes anywhere there’s room if the interaction is canceled for any reason (happens quite often). They place them in shelves and trophy cases. Problem is, they can’t retrieve them afterwards and route fail. This can also be an issue with dishes on half-walls.

Make sure there’s no unreachable dish anywhere and if there is, remove them manually. It should be back in working condition afterwards.

Bug Fixed

The Shadow of the Moon table that came with patch 1.49 and the big tables with the umbrellas from backyard stuff have this issue. It does work if you have < 2 plates on your table but after that, you’ll get the message. Depending on how the plates are placed, it can also happen with other tables.

Either clean up the dishes manually by dragging them on the trash can or choose a different table. Sometimes it helps to move the plate to another spot on the table. It also works most of the time, if you make your Sim get up first and then clean them.