Installing from DVD

I no longer recommend installing from DVD since the DVD version still contains the unpatched version and you will need to download GB of data anyways

Register your game code and download the game.


The Sims 4 can be installed via DVD as well as digital download. If you bought the DVD, you have the option to do so either way.

To register and activate the game, you’ll need an active Internet connection. This can be turned off as soon as you see the game in your Origin Client but you might need to turn it back on at the end of the installation process to activate the game on the computer you’ve installed it on.


There are different editions of Sims 4 and depending on what you bought, you get different content.

Only buy sealed DVDs. It will not be possible to register the game if a potential pre-owner has already registered the game on their account.

The content of the DVD Box should be the same for everyone (except collectors edition)

  • 2 DVDs (stacked on top of each other)
  • A sheet of paper with your code and installation instructions.
  • A black/white paper with extra info that no one can read.

The box does NOT contain.

If anything is missing from your box or the DVD already has scratches, I would take it back and exchange.

Make sure to keep your receipt to the end of your days.


The pictures are from when the game first came out. The process should be still the same.

These instructions are for installing the game from DVD. You could also just register your game, download it and put the DVD away. You’ll find more info about that here: Installation through Digital Download.

To make sure the game gets installed through DVD, you need to put the DVD in it’s drive first and then go through the installation process.

You will need an Internet connection for the following steps. You can turn off Internet once you reach Step 6.


Put DVD 1 in your drive and wait for autostart to kick in (differs depending on your OS)

Click on Continue. If you don’t have Origin installed yet or if it’s outdated, it will be installed/updated for you

Log in with your existing account or create a new one.

Activate the game on your account by putting the serial code which you’ll find you your box (5×4 digits) in the field Product Code and click on Continue

Confirm the following two messages by clicking on Continue to confirm that you really want the game activated on your account. Make extra sure you have the right account. It’s not possible to change it later.  

Choose your language in which you want to install the game.

If you don’t get to choose your language, the game is trying to download instead of installing from disc. Cancel the process and continue in Avoid Downloading

Choose your installation path and if you want a shortcut in your start menu and on your desktop.

The game is now being installed. Please DON’T let Origin confuse you. It will say it’s downloading instead of copying/installing. See Avoid Downloading for tips on how to check if your game is installing from DVD or not.

After a while you’ll be prompted to insert Disc 2. Do it. If this step is missing, the game was downloaded instead of installed through the DVD.

After successfully installing the game, the game will automatically be patched even if you have automatic updates off. If you don’t want to patch right away, you will need to turn off Internet. At this point it’s not advisable to not patch though as there have been so many additions and you won’t be able to play the game anyways if Origin knows there’s an update. Click on the Sims 4 icon on your desktop or hit play in Origin to start the game. You won’t need the DVD any longer.

The license allows you to install the Computer on up to 5 computers in the same household at the same time. Since it is a one-user-license you can only register it on one Origin account and only one person can play logged in at any given time.

It does not count as extra installation, if you need to reinstall the game on the same computer.

When reinstalling you don’t have to do the activating on Origin again. Log in with your account, choose your language and path and the game will install from DVD. It’s not necessary to be online for this.

After successfully installing the game, you’ll be prompted to go online to activate the computer on your computer (this has nothing to do with activating the game on your account). Put Origin back in online mode and click on Play. The game might need patching. The activation is then done automatically.

After this you can play offline.

See First Install for more details.

Unfortunately Origin usually shows Downloading although the game is installing from disc. Do not let this confuse you.

It is important to start the installation process from DVD and not by clicking  Download on Origin. If you do that, the game will be downloaded despite you having the DVD in your drive.

There are several indications how to tell if the game is downloading or installing from disc.

  1. Put your ear on the DVD drive. You should hear if it’s spinning
  2. Turn off your Internet after step 6. If the installation continues, you’re installing from DVD.
  3. Check on the download speed. Large number indicate a DVD installation.
    1. Click on the link at the bottom of the Origin window
    2. Check on the MB number

If despite all Origin decided to download anyways, cancel by right-clicking on the game and choosing Cancel.

Then try again following these steps (you won’t need an active Internet connection since your game should now be activated)

  1. Turn off your Internet
  2. If you already started the download, it’s likely that you’ll need to delete the already downloaded files. Go to the installation folder and delete the whole The Sims 4 folder.
  3. Clean your registry with ccleaner
  4. Click on Computer –> right-click on your DVD-Drive and choose Open
  5. In the Windows, double-click on setup.exe to start the process
  6. This will start the whole process over. Login with your Origin account. The installation process will be started automatically
  7. If you don’t have an active Internet connection it will now actually say copying instead of downloading.