Fixed Tech Issue
Fixed Error

Corrupt NPC makes Game Crash


This specific crash is no longer occurring. Crashes have many causes though. More info here: My Game constantly crashes


My game is constantly crashing


It seems there’s a specific situation where a corrupt Sim can crash your game.


Crashes have all kinds of causes. The method describe here will only help in this specific situation.

Deleting the corrupt Sim

You can either delete all Sims you no longer need or household after household until the crashes are gone. It seems that it’s mostly random Sims that don’t live anywhere that are an issue.

Start the game and pause

Look at the relationships your Sim has (especially romantic and good friends) and memorize their names and faces (optional)

To test if it’s one of these specific Sims, invite them over to see what happens.

Click on Manage Worlds

Click on Household Management in the upper right corner

Choose the tab Other Households and filter by  Unplayed Hausholds  and Not in world

Click on a household after another to delete/split or move them into a house.

Repeat Step 8 for each household. You can test after each household if your game is still crashing or if you have already deleted the faulty Sim.