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    [FIXED] Game Crashes when travelling in Selvadorada/ Granite Falls

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.67.45/ 1.32 Problem My game crashes if I want to travel within Selvadorada/ Granite Falls Cause It’s unknown why the game exactly crashes but if seems to happen if you travel in this constallation Active Sim + Sim from own household + Sim from other household The game doesn’t crash if you travel alone, with just a household member or just a non-household member. Solution None If you’re already in the vacation world, try to end the vacation early. Prevention Only travel with members of your household or with members of another household until…

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    [FIXED] Game crashes on loading the science lab

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.5.149 Problem My sim is a scientist. When I want to go to work with him, my game crashes. Cause The world with the science lab is rather big. The exact cause is unclear though Workarounds Close your game and move the file: documents\electronicarts\The Sims 4\options(.ini) to the desktop. Then start the game to create a new one. This will reset all your game options and you’ll need to re-set them. Leave the graphics options on the ones proposed by the game. Update your graphics drivers Lower your graphics settings Make sure your computer fulfills the…

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    My Game constantly crashes

    Problem My game constantly crashes. No error, no warning My game closes and I get the message: Sims 4 has stopped working My computer restarts on it’s own Causes and Suggestions There are many causes for crashing. Below a few things you can try. Do make sure to save often and keep backups. Play in Windowed Mode Keep your graphics drivers updated Make sure the game and Windows are updated Conflicts with other software (especially with pre-installed audio software like Nahimic): Turn off the programs and make sure they are updated. Turn off Origin in Game If you have many…

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    [FIXED] Corrupt NPC makes Game Crash

    Update This specific crash is no longer occurring. Crashes have many causes though. Problem My game is constantly crashing Cause It seems there’s a specific situation where a corrupt Sim can crash your game. Solution Deleting the corrupt Sim You can either delete all Sims you no longer need or household after household until the crashes are gone. It seems that it’s mostly random Sims that don’t live anywhere that are an issue. Start the game and pause Look at the relationships your Sim has (especially romantic and good friends) and memorize their names and faces (optional) To test if…