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    Pet is constantly unconformable / scared

    Problem My Cat/Dog is constantly uncomfortable and when I ask him what’s wrong, it says that he’s scared of something and needs time to calm down. Yet he never does. Cause Going to the vet and getting a preemptive shot seems to constantly scare dogs and cats Some animals are scared of certain furniture. Eating a Wellness treat/ having treat in inventory In case of the shot, your animal will be scared for 14 days straight, for the treat for 4 days Solution The moodlet which causes the uncomfortable can be removed with a cheat. The cheat removes all moodlets…

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    [FIXED] Woohoo always gives uncomfortable moodlet

    Update This bug was fixed in Patch 1.5.149 The solution below to remove moodlets doesn’t work without mods anymore. You’ll need the AllCheats Mod by TwistedMexi. Problem One Sim always gets a unconformable moodlet from mediocre woohoo and the other will think it was spectacular. There’s also always the message that they’ve woohooed for the first time although that is untrue. Cause Unclear but this bug started with Patch 1.5.139 Solution Use Cheats to get rid of the moodlets Variant A Type testingcheats true Make sure the affected Sim is active. Type sims.add_buff CompletelySatisfied Variant B Type testingcheats true Make sure the…