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    [NOT BUG] Cheat to modify friendship doesn’t work anymore

    Problem I would like to adjust my relationships with the cheat modifyrelationship <FirstNameSim1> <LastNameSim1> <FirstNameSim2> <LastNameSim2> x Friendship_Main nut nothing happens. Modifyrelationship <FirstNameSim1> <LastNameSim1> <FirstNameSim2> <LastNameSim2> x Romance_Main still works fine. Cause The cheat was adjusted for the cats and dogs expansion pack Solution Use these cheats instead. If you have a pet with no last name, this doesn’t seem to work. Between Sims: modifyrelationship <FirstNameSim1> <LastNameSim1> <FirstNameSim2> <LastNameSim2> x LTR_Friendship_Main Between pets and Sims: modifyrelationship <FirstNameSim> <LastNameSim> <FirstNamePet> <LastNamePet> x LTR_SimToPet_Friendship_Main FirstName= First name of the Sim/Pet, LastName= Last Name of the Sims/Pet, x = Value to which you wanna cheat…

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    [FIXED] Sims loose all Relationships

    Update This issue was fixed in Patch 1.36.102. Already removed relationships will not be restored with this patch This specific but was fixed but it seems there’s still issues with loss of relationships (other than relationship culling). Causes are unclear. Problem I loaded my legacy save and now all my relationships are gone. Cause This issue is caused by entering free build-mode from map view before loading your active household. This issue only hits saves created before the Cats & Dogs patch 1.36.99 Solution Always load your active household first, then edit something through the map. Backup your saves before…