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Error Code 132:dad724e4

Be aware that the error number you get is important in it’s whole length. If you have different code, your issue is different from this one and might be mod related.
List with other codes can be found here: Load Errors
More information about loading errors can be found here: Loading a family just reloads the map


When I try to load a household I get sent back to the map. I also received the Error: The Game failed to Load. Error Code: 132:dad724e4. It’s recommended that you relaunch your game.


This bug is caused by pools in apartments. There can also be other objects causing the error but it’s always in apartments with pools.


If the solution below doesn’t work, use the method Corrupted Objects/Lot to find out which objects cause the error.

  1. Load the faulty save through the Load Button.
  2. Load the apartment that you’re unable to load directly through build mdoe
  3. Delete the pool.
  4. Leave build mode
  5. Try to load the lot.
  6. You can then put the pool back, making it smaller but I recommend to not use pools until this bug is fixed.