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Face Presets are Missing



This bug was fixed in Patch 1.99.305/1.79.


All the face presets are missing when I click on the face in CAS.


This issue is occurs if you own Horse Ranch but are either missing Get To Work or Werewolves. The missing aliens or werewolves seem to cause the issue.


You can disable Horse Ranch while you create your Sims.

Make sure to not play any save games that you have played with Horse Ranch installed while you have disabled the pack.

Follow these detailed steps

  1. Disable EP14 (Horse Ranch)
  2. Start Sims 4 and click on the main menu on New Game.
  3. Create all the Sims you want to. You can’t created any horses or use assets from the pack in this state. The most important part is that you can create faces from presets.
  4. Load your Sim into the library/gallery
  5. Close the game and enable the pack again (simply remove the added line).
  6. Load the save game in which you want to have these Sims and load CAS.
  7. Download the created Sims from your library/gallery and adjust their clothing/.. with things from the Horse Ranch pack if you like
  8. If you want horses in your family, you can create them now.
  9. Play as normal.