Turn on/off dust for households


The Bust the Dust Kit brings dust into your homes so that you have to constantly clean them. This can get on your nerves after some time and maybe you don’t want to play dust in every household you play.

The game has an option to turn off dust on save game level. It’s not possible to disable it per households but since the dust is only supposed to affect the household you’re currently playing, you can just turn it on/off when you switch households to simulate dust per household.

The set currently has quite a few bugs and some people report that the option to turn off the dust has no effect.
If you want to turn off the set completely for now until EA fixes this, you can disable the pack.
The sets code is: SP22


Load your save game

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner

Choose the tab Pack Settings

Scroll down to Bust the Dust

Check the option if you want to turn it on for the played household or uncheck to turn it off.

Known Issues

There are quite a few bugs with the pack at the moment. I don’t want to list them all here but the ones below are relevant for this post.